All Laureates Of Scientific “Oscar” Have Been Announced

The Breakthrough Prize foundation announced awarding awards in the amount of three million dollars in 2020. Award will take place on November 3.01_Breakthrough_GettyImages-627783898_1
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Breakthrough Prize Prize is organized by the Foundation Simultially, which is funded by the former Mail co-owner.RU Yuri Milnerom. Every year, the Fund presents a premium in the amount of three million dollars for the most important breakthroughs for humanity in science. Prize is awarded in three areas: fundamental physics, sciences about life and mathematics. In addition to the main, there is also a reward New Horizons Prize in the amount of 100 thousand dollars.

Each year, the Fund defines the laureates of one breakthrough prize and up to three new horizons awards in the field of fundamental physics, up to six Breakthrough in the field of life, one main award and up to three New Horizons Prize in the field of mathematics. Special Breakthrough Prize in the field of fundamental physics can be appointed in exceptional cases.

This year, the award for fundamental physics was awarded the team of the telescope of the horizon of events, which was able to get the world’s first snapshot of the black hole. A total of 347 people from different countries worked on. USING EIGHT SENSITIVE TELESCOPES, SYNCHRONIZING EACH OF THEM USING THE ATOMIC CLOCK NETWORK, THE TEAM HAS CREATED A VIRTUAL TELESCOPE WITH AN EARTH SIZE, WITH A RESOLUTION THAT HAS NEVER BEEN REACHED ON SURFACE OF OUR PLANET.

Oscar in Mathematics This Time Received Scientists Who Solved The Problem About the Beam of Light Illuminating The Room. If The Beam of Light From A Point Source Is Reflected from the Walls of a Complety Mirror Room, Then It Will Ultimately Reach Each Part of the Room or Some of Its Areas Will Forever Remain Dark?"After the Translation of The Problem in A Very Abstract Multidimensional Production, Two Mathematics Were Able to Show That for Polygonal Rooms with Angles That Are Parts of Integers, Only The Final Number of Points Will Remain Unlit. One of the RESERCHERS DID NOT LIVE BEFORE PRESENTING THE AWARD AND DIED IN 2017 AT THE AGE OF 40 FROM THE PROGRESSIVE BREAST CANCER.

IN THE FIELD OF THE LIFE OF THE NEW HORIZONS PRIZE AWARD, THIS TIME GAVE FOUR RESEARCHERS. The First of the New Path of the Hormonal System, Through Which A Fat Fabric Signals The Brain to Regulate Food Behavior. Scientists Who Discovered Shaperons Were Received by The Second Award – The Protein Class, The Main Function of Which Is to Control The Correct Collapse Of Other Proteins. The Third Prize Received A Scientist Who Opened Molecules, Cells and Mechanisms Underlying Pain. And Finally, The Fourth New Horizons Prize Received A Woman Who Revealed The Role of Some Proteins In The Development of Dementia and Lateral Akyotrophic Sclerosis, In Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple System Atrophy.

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