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  • The Near-Earth Asteroid May Be Fragment Of The Moon

    American astronomers analyzed the data on Asteroid Kamalueva – a permanent quasipotnik of the Earth – and concluded that he could be a fragment of the moon. The near-earth asteroid may be fragment of the moon / © Getty Images Quasispatnikov actually rotate around the Sun, but still remain relatively close to Earth. Asteroid Kamalueva […]

  • Astronomers Watched A Fatal Merge Of Galaxies

    The Spitzer telescope allowed to observe the rare mergers of galaxies that lead to the born of birth of new stars and the inevitable death. Object VII ZW 96 – Merge Galaxies UGC 11415 and NGC 6786 / © NASA, JPL-Caltech The reason for the cessation of star formation in the galaxy can be a […]

  • A Pair Of Giant Cosmic Bubbles Can “Fire” The Earth With Cosmic Rays

    Astronomers discovered the distant galaxies with huge, actively inflated bubbles filled with gas. These bubbles blow into space charged particles 100 times more powerful than the highest power particles that scientists managed to observe on Earth. © Wikipedia With the help of the Hubble Space Telescope and the Chandra X-ray Observatory, researchers have registered near […]

  • Astronomers Explained The Absence Of Planets At Rings In Near-Road Disks

    Rings In A Gas-Pepped Disk of A Young Star Testify to the formation of the planets, But It Is Extremely Rare to Notice These Celestial Bodies. Computer Modeling Made It Possible to Explain Such A Movement Of Planets for New Orbits.Three Stages of the Destruction of the Rings Schematically (at the top) and in the […]

  • Starships Working On Black Holes Help You Find Extraterrestrial Civilizations

    One of the methods for finding extraterrestrial civilizations is the detection of technologists – traces left by technologies of hypothetical civilizations: this is, for example, traces of a singular reactor in which microscopic black holes are created. © Wikipedia To register alien civilizations, astronomers have to nominate assumptions about the forms taken as well as […]

  • Scientists Have Found Traces Of Sunny Mega-Slices Of The Vii Century To Our Era

    One of the most powerful geomagnetic storms on Earth occurred in 660 BC.E., Leaving imprints in ice cores and rings of trees. © Wikipedia The mighty magnetic field of the Sun never stays alone. The active processes occurring in it can lead to the appearance of coronal emissions of the mass: the streams of accelerated […]

  • Astronomers Opened The Closest Pair Of Stars In A Double System

    Scientists have discovered a double system with the most close pair of young high mass facilities from ever learned. This provided them with a valuable "laboratory" to verify theories about the formation of massive double stars. Observations 2mass (background image) In 2003, they revealed a strongly blusted source, which indicates the young nature of PDS […]

  • Astronomers Found A Dust Ring In The Orbit Of Mercury And Asteroids In The Orbit Of Venus

    Two noticeable discovery in the internal regions of the solar system are made at once: Mercury has a "impossible" ring of dust, and Venus – a group of own asteroids. © Wikipedia The remains of a gas-pepped cloud, from which the solar system was formed, small fragments scattered by clashes of comet and asteroids – […]

  • Earth Could Form From The “Embryo” Of The Interstellar Body

    In the galaxy there may be a myriad of freely wandering facilities like interstellar Omumumua, and they can serve as nudies of new planets near other stars. © Wikipedia AT The End of 2017, Astronomers Noticed The Interstellar Object Flying Through The Solar System. 1i / OUMUMUA TURNED OUT TO BE THE FIST AND SO […]

  • Strange Distant Magnetary Suddenly Woke Up

    Scientists have witnessed an unusual phenomenon: it is about the awakening of Magnetar XTE J1810-197, which is from the Sun at a distance of 10-13 thousand light years. © Wikipedia Representing the University of Manchester (United Kingdom) and the Institute of Radio Astronomy named after Max Planck (Germany) scientists found out that Magnetary XTE J1810-197 […]