Beetroot Juice Helps Climbers Adapt At Height


The team of Norwegian and Swedish researchers conducted an experiment during which she wanted to find out how beet juice rich in nitrates affects the adaptation of people at high altitude. As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that beetacular juice restores the function of blood vessels and reduces the risk of developing acute mining diseases.

Beetroot Juice Helps Climbers Adapt At Height
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Researchers during the experiment using ultrasound checked the work of blood vessels in climbers before and after lifting the mountains. As expected, at the height of the blood vessels clenched. To test the effect of beet juice, the subjects were given to drink with an interval of 24 hours two types of juice: one is rich in nitrates, the other – no nitrate. The study showed that beetted beet juice saturated with nitrates helped restore the normal operation of blood vessels. Placebo did not have any effect.

"Next time you plan a trip to the mountains, where you can be at high altitude, put a bottle of beet juice in a backpack. This can be an additional impulse in which your body needs to provide sufficient oxygen tired muscles and keep your health when you rise to the highest mountain, "said Svena Eric Gaustad from Norwegian University of Natural and Technical Sciences.

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