Chinese Company Launches Cat Cloning Service

In addition, according to media information, plans – the creation of cloned horses and postal pigeons.

Cloned kitten nicknames garlic / © sinogene

Garlic and cat, who had cells for cloning, look absolutely identical, however, they have a different character. According to experts, the life expectancy of the "copy" will be the same as the ordinary animal. Also in the plans of the company – the use of artificial intelligence or technology of a human and machine interface: this will allow you to transfer memories and characteristic features of the "original" animal of his clone.

According to Zhao Jianpin, several cat owners have already booked a service in case of death of their favorites. And since two years ago, Sinogene successfully cloned a dog nicknamed Moon Moon, now the company offers services and creating copies of dogs, the cost of the procedure is 54 thousand dollars.

Despite the fact that many representatives of the scientific world are skeptical about the widespread introduction of cloning and gene editing, the technology of obtaining several genetically identical organisms is not on the spot: at the beginning of the year, five macaque clones with changed genes appeared on the world.

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