Collected Half Mirrors For Telescope James Webb

With the Help of a Powerful Manipulator, Nasa Engineers Installed The Ninth of 18 Mirror Segments, of Which The Mirror of the Future "Changer" of the Hubble Space Telescope Will Be Folded – The Huge James Webb.mirror9b
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"Years of Development and Training Brings Their Dividends," Says Lee Feinberg Space Flight Manager (Lee Feinberg) – Progress Pleases Everyone Who Is Involved In This. ". On the Pictures Made Working On The Project James Webb Team, It Can Be Seen As A Special Manipulator Installs Hex Segments of the Future James Webb Main Mirror.

THEY PRODUCED BALL AEROSPACE, THEY HAVE 1.3 m in Diameter and Weigh ABOUT 40 KG. Harris Corporation Specialists Are Responsible for their Installation In The Holistic System. IT IS EXPECTED THAT IN THE FIRST HALF OF 2016. The Operation of their Installation Will Be Completed and From 18 Such Segments Are Composite 6.5-Meter Mirror of the Cosmic Telescope.

Orbital Infrared Observatory James Webb Will Be The Most Powerful Spacecraft Tool of Astronomy, Eclipsed Even The Legendary Hubble. The Total Are of the Collecting Surface Of Its Main Mirror Will BE 25 KV. M, and Shellting HIM From Solar Radiation Screen Will Be Extensive Than Tennis Court.

The Device Is Scheduled to Be Launched at the End of 2018, and 2019 It Will Arrive At The Place of Work, to the Lagrange Point L2 Sun-Earth System. HERE THE ATTRACTION OF THE STAR AND OUR PLANET WILL MUTUALLY COMPENSATE EACH OTHER, AND JAMES WEBB WILL BE ABLE TO STAY IN THE RIGHT POSITION WITHOUT EXCESS FUEL COSTS.

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