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  • Island – Tram For The Future

    Italian designer Andrea Ponti (Andrea Ponti) presented to the public a two-storey unmanned tram designed for the streets of Hong Kong in the post-corrosive era. Innovative tram project called Island, which means "island" in translating, based on the principles of social distancing. Like the islands, placed in the cabin seats. As a result, passengers are […]

  • Hyundai Introduced The Concept Of A Luxury Premium Car

    Hyundai showed Vision G Premium Class Concept. © Hyundai The interior of the car is finished with high-quality leather and natural wood. In addition, the concept interior is equipped with a developed multimedia system and lexicon audio system. © Hyundai An interesting detail of Vision G is the presence of the technology "Robot-Swiss". Thanks to […]

  • Yacht Dynamic Gtt 115 – Luxury, Speed And Power Gran Turismo

    If you are accustomed to comfort and speeds that can only give cars of the class Gran Turismo, then surely thought, why it is impossible to travel not only on the roads, but also by waves. Isn’t it possible to build a yacht that will not give way to excellent sports cars?Dynamic GTT 115

  • Lada L-Ego – A New Look At The City Car

    Futuristic concept of electric car Lada L-EGO from Gleb Danilova, graduate of the St. Petersburg Art and Industrial Academy named after. L. Stiglitza, – Universal Vehicle for Big Cities. Lada L-Ego

  • “Kamaz” Patented An Electric Truck Without A Cab

    The Russian automotive manufacturer can start creating and producing self-governed electric goods, in which the driver’s cabin is not supposed. Concept of an electric unmanned truck / © Public Joint Stock Company "KAMAZ" Last December, the company reported on the beginning of the tests of the unmanned truck KAMAZ-4308. And two weeks later, Kamsky Automobile […]

  • Symbiotic Towers – Symbiosis Of Architecture And Nature

    Dubai – one of the hottest cities on the planet. In summer, the air temperature goes to plus 50 ° C. AMORPHOUTUDIO architects, working on a project of a multifunctional complex Symbiotic Towers, sought to minimize the impact of the scorching sun and provide a comfortable shaded medium inside the complex. Symbiotic Towers

  • Audi E-Tron Gt: Big Electric Travel

    The four-door coupe of the class Gran Turismo is designed in collaboration with Porsche. This is another brand serial electric vehicle, which should be launched in production until the end of 2020. For the company This is the third electric model after Audi E-Tron and Audi E-Tron Sportback.Audi E-Tron GT Wired charging allows you to […]

  • China World Trade Center Becomes A New Heart Of Beijing

    If you look at Beijing from a bird’s eye view, you can see that now the capital of China has two "centers". The historic center is a forbidden city, and the central business district in the eastern part of the megapolis – the modern heart of Beijing.China World Trade Center

  • Near The Denmark There Will Be A Giant Artificial Island

    The Governments of Denmark Approved The Plan for Creating An Artificial Island Near Copenhagen. IT IS Designed for Life 35 Thousand People and The Protection of the Danish Capital From Raising The Sea Level.This Will Look Like An Artificial Island In Denmark / © Government Of Denmark The development of the project should begin this […]

  • Ford Presented Electric Sports Car Mustang Cobra Jet 1400

    The machine is able to undergo a DRA Raining distance 402 meters per half seconds faster than its "analogue" with a gasoline engine.Top view / Ford Performance Whether Dragster will be launched at least in small-scale production or will remain at the level of the prototype, until it is known. However, the desire of Ford […]