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  • Virgin Galactic Brought The Passenger On The Near-Wing Height

    The company’s competitor argues that the height achieved is not enough for the present space flight. Bet Moses in Cabin / © Virgin Galactic However, there is also a reverse side. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, which is also aimed at creating a branch of cosmic tourism, previously skeptical to the possibilities of Virgin […]

  • Ukraine Decided To Build A Floating Cosmodrome

    Ukraine May in the Future to Acquire A Floating Platform to Launch Missiles. © Wikipedia On plans to create a floating cosmodrome with reference to Ukrinform reported "Newspaper.Ru ». According to the general director of Yuzhmash Sergey Lot, the platform can be designed by the engineers of the Kherson State Plant "Pallada", which has experience […]

  • Jeff Bezos: In The Future, People Will Live In “Giant Space Colonies”

    The CEO of Amazon and Blue Origin Jeff Bezos believes that in the future, humanity will live in the "Giant Space Colonies", and not on the surface of the planets. According to him, flights to other planets require a lot of energy, while space bases will be located close to Earth. © Wikipedia What happens […]

  • Australian Engineers Created Space Shooting System To Prevent Satellite Collisions

    Inspired by nature and biology, scientists have developed the first dynamic visualization system, which not only works faster and more efficiently existing in the market of systems, but also uses much less energy. The first of its kind of space shooting system, inspired by the human eye, can help prevent collisions between satellites / © […]

  • Spacex Made A Historical Launch Of The Piloted Ship Crew Dragon

    Spacex launched Pilotable ship Dragon 2. He went to the ISS, instead of people on board was a mannequin named Ripley. © Wikipedia Today, the first launch of the piloted version of the Dragon vehicle was held. The broadcast could be viewed on our website. This is a test start, in which Spacex will check […]

  • Carrying To The Stars

    Where can space begins? On Earth, it begins with roaring giants, shaking the start of the start and sinking distant thunder in the sky. Reaching a payload to the stars on their shoulders, carrier rockets are the most powerful and most complex aircraft created by a person. And at the same time one of the […]

  • Perhaps Bankruptcy: It Became Known How Many Roskosmos Will Lose From Commissioning Crew Dragon

    The amount of financial losses of the Russian Space Agency has been announced after commissioning a new manned spacecraft from Spacex. Spaceship "Union" / © Wikipedia These starts were an important part of Roskosmos financing. "We are on average in a year launch six Americans on the ISS, 80 million (dollars. – APPROX. NS), THAT […]

  • Ilon Mask: We Need A Constant Base On The Moon

    At the weekend passed a successful test launch of the piloted spacecraft Crew Dragon and his subsequent docking with the ISS. However, Ilon Mask continues to amaze ideas: at a press conference after starting, he declared the desire to justify the permanent lunar base. © Wikipedia The Director General of Spacex Ilona Mask failed to […]

  • Comedy Or Tragedy: Sources Announced The Refusal Of The Authorities From The Concept Of The Russian Superheavy Rocket

    According to media reports, the government did not like the proposed concept of promising superheavy carrier. In "Roskosmos" already commented on the situation. © Wikipedia As RIA Novosti told the source in the rocket and space industry, "Roskosmos" will have to change the concept of a promising superheavy of a carrier missile: it did not […]

  • China Will Send To Mars Rover In 2020

    The Main Developer Of The Lunar Research Program of China Reported On The Intention to Send A Red Planet to the Orbit Station With A Descended Module. © Wikipedia After Landing First In The World of Rover On The Opposite Direction of The Moon Earlier This Year, China Began to Develop Ambitious Projects to Send […]