David Attenboro Released A Film About Climate Change

Journalists of Western publications have already looked at him and talk about what a strong impression he made on them.37
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April eighteenth will be released by the film of the British Naturalist David Attenboro, which is called Climate Change – The Facts ("Climate Change – Facts"). It will be shown through the BBC1 channel in Praim Time. Journalists have already looked at him and talk about what influence he had.

The film lasts an hour and is entirely devoted to the consequences of climate change, humanity is facing now, and that he is waiting for in the future. The presenter gives examples. Two defender of nature in Cairns, Australia, analyze how the abnormal heat last year influenced animals. They talk about such a mass of dead bats, which can cover the human eye. They managed to save 350 volatile foxes (rod of manochable), but about 11 thousand died. According to them, two more such seasons, and the view will disappear forever.

The authors of the film are warned: with increasing existing trends, the number of storms and rains will increase. The consequences are visible now. Residents of Isle De Jean Charles are the first climatic refugees in the USA. The water level in their homeland exceeded the critical value, so the government allocated subsidies for moving. Various predictions predict that the average temperature by the end of the century will increase by 3-6 degrees Celsius. This will inevitably lead to the flooding of coastal cities, such as Norfolk.

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The last 20 minutes of the documentary film is dedicated to what can be done in order to prevent disasters: alternative sources of energy, reduce the consumption of certain products and scientific innovations in the field of carbon dioxide capture. The Symbol of the Struggle WAS The Swedish Schoolgirl Named Greta Tunberg, Which Alone Protested Before Building Of The Swedish Parliament Calling to Prevent Climate Change.

The Film Will Be Released Next Week, On Thursday, At 21:00 Local Time, On the BBC1 Channel.

At the Bereau of Meteorology (The Bureau of Meteorology, Bom) Reported That Average Temperature in Australia WAS 2.13 Degrees Celsius Above The Long-Term Average Value for March, Which Became The Fourth of Monh Of Record Heat In A Row.

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