Demonstrated Communication Between The Glaciers Of The Arctic And Antarctic


For Tens of Thousands of Years, Ice Hats In The Northern and Southern Poles of Our Planet Grew and Declined Coordinated, Affecting Each Other Through Changes in the Sea Level.Demonstrated Communication Between The Glaciers Of The Arctic And Antarctic
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Despite The Fact That The Northern and South Poles of Our Planet Shares The Distance of 20 Thousand Kilometers, They Are Related to Each Other More Closely Than It May Seem. By Increasing During The Glacial Periods, The Arctic Polar Cap Makes The Ice Around The Antarctica – And On The Contrary: The Reduction of Northern Glaciers Responds to A Decrease and Southern. SUCH "COORDINATED" DYNAMICS IS DEMONSTRATED IN A NEW ARTICLE PUBLISHED IN THE NATURE MAGAZINE.

The Team of Scientists LED by Natalia Gomez (Natalya Gomez) from Canadian University of McGill Managed to Follow The Changes in Polar Caps Over The Past 40 Thousand Years, Including During The Peak of The Last Ice Age, 20-26 Thousand Years Ago. To Do This, They Analyzed Samples of Sedimentary Rocks, Ice Cores, Archived Information and Other Data. This Made It Possible to Create A Computer Model And Show How The Arctic Glaciers Affect Antarctic.

During Climate Cooling, The Northern Polar Hat Increased, Accumulating All the Large Masses of Water. This LED to the Fall of the World’s Ocean, Which Responded on the Opposite Side of the Planet, Causing Additional Icer In Antarctica. Conversely: Reducing the northern ice during periods of warming leads to an increase in the level of sea and a decrease in Antarctic glaciers, which wash large mass of water and higher waves.

"We found a very unstable loss of glaciers that took place in the last 20 thousand years," says one of the authors of the work, Michael Weber (Michael Weber) from Germany. – It would be extremely difficult to explain if you do not take into account the interaction of iceboards in both hemispheres ". "Ice Shields Can Influence Each Other At A High Distance Due To the Flow of Water Between Them, – Adds Gomez. – as if they are talking with the help of a change in sea level ".

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