Doctors Want To Force Liver Cells To Produce Insulin

Russian Scientists Using The Technology of Israeli Doctors Are Going To "Turn" Liver Cells Into The Source Of Insulin. Thus, Scientists Hope to Treat Diabetes of the First Type.18170200325_3C50B853B5_H
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According To Who Statistics, Every Year About 150 Thousand Dies From Diabetes of the First Type. Man, And The Total Number of Such Patients Is About 30 Million. In Diabetes of the First Type, Islet Cells Producing Insulin Molecules In The Pancreas Are Irreversible.

Last Year, Israeli Doctors Invented A New Method of Treating This Disease. The Patient Takes The Liver Cells, Which Are Modified in The Laboratory by Adding the PDX-1 Gene Responsible for the Development of the Pancreas in the Embryo. Modified Cells Are Transplanted Back Into The Liver, Where the Begin to Produce The Necessary Insulin Patient. The Work of this System Was Tested On Laboratory Rats and On Human Tissues.

According to RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the clinical hospital on Jauze in Moscow, hospital specialists will begin to grow unusual liver cells, which should help in the treatment of first-type diabetes, after the Israeli company Orgenesis completes the preclinical and CLINICAL TRIALS OF THIS TECHNIQUE.

The list of participants in this project has now included the Russian clinical hospital on Jauze and the company Biosikvel, who signed an agreement with the Israeli branch of Orgenesis on the provision of a license for the preparation of such liver cells.

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