European Space Agency Voiced A New Start Date James Webb Telescope


Start the James WebB Space Telescope Want on December 18. Prior to that, the start was repeatedly transferred – including due to the coronavirus pandemic.European Space Agency Voiced A New Start Date James Webb TelescopeHubble mirror (left) and James WebB (right) on one scale / © ESA

The first segment of the mirror engineers installed on James WebB at the end of 2015. Fully main composite mirror collected in February 2016. After eliminating a series of problems associated with a pandemic, the launch was scheduled for October of this year. However, in June, it became known that the start would have to be transferred again, as it was necessary to check the system of separation of the head fairing Ariane 5.

Earlier, we will remind, it became known about the discovery of about 500 million light years of the outbreak of supernova, which caused a fusion of a dead star with a massive neighbor. According to estimates, the first star dropped more than one solar mass, then this cloud "caught up" the wave of the explosion of supernova, creating radiation in the optical and radio view.

In addition, astronomer’s attention recently attracted a mysterious source of radio waves, located near the center of the Galaxy. Studies have shown that Askap J173608 object.2-321635 unpredictably flashes and goes out in the radio band – and, unlike all known sources, no other waves radiate.

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