Funny “Robosadnitsa” Ford Will Speed Up Testing Car Seats

Ford Europe engineers have developed a robotic sweating "ass" to work out construction and finishing car chairs.robutt0
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Car chairs are experiencing constant and often quite serious pressure of the driver’s weight or passenger – and the effects of its heat and sweat. Over time, this leads not only to damage to the upholstery, but also to the development of large and unpleasant microorganisms for the seat. To combat this, Ford Europe engineers have created Robutt – Robosadnitsa, which, according to them, "the value corresponds to a large man".

Robutt not only creates pressure, but also heats up to the temperature of the human body, highlighting up to 450 ml of aqueous solution through a mass located on the bottom surface. A special manipulator forces Robutt "Elzia" in the chair, performing 7,500 movements for three days; Such loads are equivalent to a 10-year operation of medium intensity. This Is Reported In The Official Blog Ford Europe.

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Note that the first version of Robutt, developed in Ford, was represented back in 2016. In 2018, new Fiesta models have already received chairs developed using Robosidnitsa of a new generation capable of imitate and sweat, and now such tests will be held for all other European company models.

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