Generous People Turned Out To Be More Attractive


American scientists revealed the relationship between external attractiveness and generosity. Generous People Turned Out To Be More Attractive
One of the most beautiful women in the world, Angelina Jolie, is the Ambassador of the UN Good Will and spends huge funds to help women and children, as well as refugees / © MtData.Ru

Research results Published in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. The fact that generosity helps a person feel happier, confident and even improves physical well-being, it has long been known. Scientists from Universities Indiana and Pennsylvania (USA) have shown that this quality is also rather inherent externally attractive people. At the same time, the prone to to give more, and not to receive, are evaluated by others as more attractive.

It is understandable, because there is a confirmation that we unconsciously appreciate the beautiful people as more "good" – and vice versa. However, studies that did not depend on the "halo" of physical beauty, according to scientists, were rare. To do this, they used three US databases: a national representative sample of older people, a national representative Longitudinal study of adolescents (Add Health) and a 54-year-old Wisconsinsky long-term study.

Participants assessed the physical appeal of certain people from the sample (which, in addition to photographs, contained data on their behavioral characteristics), without any information about how generous they are or prone to self-sacrifice. Thus, Sarah Const, from the University of Indiana and Femid Handy, from the University of Pennsylvania managed to level the "halo" of the external attractiveness, which would affect the results of the study.

As a result, it turned out that those people who were assessed as externally more attractive, really more often showed a tendency to self-sacrifice and generosity than those who were considered less attractive. "Although we cannot fully explain the availability of communication between behavior and attractiveness, it can be traced in all three samples-research. Despite the fact that they were all collected at different times, were held with the participation of different volunteers and with the help of various methods, "said Handy.

The study, therefore, gives reason to refute the common idea that beautiful people are more focused on themselves and selfish than less attractive. "Our results show that cosmetics and procedures may not be the only way to increase the attractiveness of a person. It is possible that generosity will become a new trend of beauty, "Sare Const.

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