Category: Geology

  • Almaz Pushed A Record Pressure Of 20 Million Atmospheres

    To obtain exotic carbon forms, scientists cleaned a diamond with a record force, but it retained its structure even at a maximum pressure that managed to achieve. 55 cancer E – Exoplanet, as it is considered exclusively rich in graphite and diamonds / © NASA, JPL-Caltech Carbon – hardly the most "multi-sided" elements. Depending on […]

  • Geologists Reconstructed The Ancient Climate Of Sahara

    The results of the work of the international group of specialists make it possible to understand how the climate has changed the biggest roasting desert of the world, why it happened and how it influenced the resettlement of the ancient people in North Africa. Sugar desert / © Getty Images Work published in the journal […]

  • Billion Years Of Continuous Movement Of The Tectonic Plates Of The Earth Showed On Video

    Scientists have submitted the first continuous model of the movement of the plates of the Earth, covering from a billion years ago to the present day and includes an improved model for neopreotozoic – Cambria (1000-520 million years ago). Movement of tectonic plates / © Sydney University Tectonics Plates – a scientific theory that describes […]

  • Whale Songs Offered To Use To Explore The Geology Of The Seabed

    Geologists have found that low-frequency whale acoustic signals are able to penetrate into the thickness of the earth’s crust, and the signal reflected from it allows "enlighten" the rocks deep below the ocean bottom. © Aqqa Rosing-Asvid, Visit Greenland Blue whales and phindles close to them communicate "songs", publishing the lowest sound waves in the […]

  • The Severity Of Megacols Causes A Decrease In The Sushi Level

    Mass of urban buildings and infrastructure pushes soil under a large city, causing a local slide of the sushi surface. © don mccullough Most of humanity live near the coast – in regions sensitive to sea levels. Because of global warming, it increases more than three millimeters per year. Moreover, the cities themselves are capable […]

  • Scientists Solved The “Problem Of Missing Ice” During The Maximum Of The Last Glaciation

    The larger on the land of glaciers, the less in the oceans of the planet of the water – this is quite a logical thought, however, did not have confirmation in the data on the last glacial era. World Ocean level information does not coincide with glaciation models. The international team of Paleoclimatology specialists was […]

  • The Speed Of Water Circulation In The Atlantic Fell To The Lowest Level In 1000 Years

    Golfstream and other flows of the Atlantic Ocean, the overall system of which redistributes heat in our planet and has a big impact on the climate, now moving more slowly than about 1000-1600 years ago. View of AMOC and its part – Golfustrum. In a broad sense, Golfustrim calls the entire system of warm currents […]

  • Is It True That Oil Appeared From Dinosaurs?

    Everyone knows that oil is hydrocarbons. But What It Was Formed? Is it true that from dinosaurs? And How Many Millions of Years of Oil, From Which Gasoline and Hundreds of Oter Important Things Around US Are Doing Today? We understand what oil reserves lie in Russia and how many of them remained why they […]

  • Predicted The Catastrophe Of The Earth’S Atmosphere

    Modeling SHOWED THAT A BILLION YEARS OF THE ATMOSPHERE OF OUR PLANET WILL SURVIVE SHARP CHANGES AND LOSE ALSIGEN, THROWING LIFE TO ANCIENT ANAEROBIC Forms. © Jimi Moso The Atmosphere of Modern Land Is More Than 20 Percent Consists of Pure Molecular Oxygen and Contains Little Carbon Diocheide. Such a composition was the result of […]

  • Anomalous Earthquakes In The United States Hidrined The Hidden Activity Of Ancient Volcanoes

    In September 2018 and April 2019, in the south of the central part of Utah, the earthquake of magnitude 4 and 4.1, respectively. Analysis of data for each showed that they are radically different from the usual for this terrain of underground jokes. And, in fact, are "grumbling in the stomach" of an ancient volcano, […]