Ilon Mask Believes That The Demographic Collapse Is Waiting For Us

According to the founder of Spacex, this is a demographic collapse. Mask and founder Alibaba Jack Ma told about it in China.111585907_elon_musk_tesla-xxlarge_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bqo-nqjx60lzqnfretso1t2ygoov7jtqb1rq6_6twbb1rq6_6twbr2u
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At the World Conference in Shanghai, dedicated to artificial intelligence, the Billionaire’s inventor expressed his fears: "I am concerned about the birth rate. In contrast to the opinion of many that there are too many people on the planet, I think it is an outdated look. I think the biggest problem with which the world will face the next 20 years, – demographic collapse. I want to emphasize that it is the demographic collapse, and not an explosion ".

Mask supported Chinese billionaire Jack Ma. "The problem of the population will be a big challenge. Perhaps 1.4 billion people in China may seem big digit, but in the next few years it will bring very big problems in China. The pace of population reduction will grow. You say "Collapse". I agree with it".

According to the mask, migration will not help, because the fertility will fall across the planet. It is worth noting that the concerned of the inventor problem will be relevant and on Mars, where it is so torn. After all, there it is necessary to establish a human colony from scratch – and it should be self-reproduced.

Is it possible to declare "demographic collapse" as a real threat to humanity in the near future? If we talk strictly, demographic collapse is a sharp extinction of the population. Many species on earth are under threat of extinction or rapidly disappear, but a person does not apply to their number. Scientists say that humanity is still in the period of explosive growth in the number, after which it will enter the stage of the demographic transition.

It happens unevenly and depends on the economic and cultural situation in specific regions. As wealth grows, there is no need for a large family as a guarantee of stable life, and the cost of education of children increases.

Reducing the number of young population and an increase in life expectancy give rise to problems of preserving the economic development of countries that have entered into the transition stage. It is assumed that the states that now have the growth in the number of people on earth will reach this stage, and the total population of the planet stabilizes. However, if the tendency to reduce the number of people will continue after that, then by 2500, humanity can and extort.

At least history shows that societies that have reached the highest level of development, prone to this. At the same time, it usually helped them: more numerous and daring neighbors, natural disasters or epidemic. What awaits the planet – death from overpopulation and hunger caused by him or seasoned with a nuclear apocalypse of decline, – is not yet known.

Perhaps nothing of the foregoing: humanity as such is less than 200 thousand years, and a significant part of this time it expects the end of the world, which has not yet come. At the same time, the types of mammals on our planet on average exist to the point of extinction of about four million years.

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