In China, Found The Deepest Natural Well In The World


Chinese researchers found out that the blue hole located in Sanysh city is the deepest one from today.In China, Found The Deepest Natural Well In The World
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On the measurement of the depth of the Natural Well located on the Parasiel Islands, stated in the State Center for Oceanic Prediction of the Environment of the PRC.

The depth of the blue hole is 300 meters, which is one hundred meters more than the previous record holder – Dina’s blue hole on the bugs.

The deep-water cave, called Junle, has a diameter of up to 130 meters on the surface: when immersed, it narrows up to 36. Almost vertical tectonic funnel does not have an underground message with the South China Sea. Despite this, more than 20 species of different living beings live in it.

Blue holes call funnel filled with water, which were formed due to rock erosion. According to Chinese scientists, Junle has a great scientific value. Now the authorities of the country are putting great efforts to save a unique ecosystem.

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