In New Zealand, Found A Giant Squid


This is one of the largest documented mollusks in the world.

In New Zealand, Found A Giant Squid
© Ocean Hunter Spearfishing & Freediving Specialists

Still not clear what killed squid. One of the brothers said that he noticed a cut on the head of the mollusk, but he did not look large enough to become the cause of death. Other eyewitnesses indicated that Kalmar had no eyes, which is also unusual. The eyes of giant squid – one of the largest in the world. Now Squid was sent to the National Institute of Water Studies and the atmosphere of New Zealand for a detailed study.

Giant squid in vivo / © Discovery Channel

In April, the Okeanos Explorer researchers group captured a strange creature in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico. It looks like a curved squid, but maybe a new deep-sea view.

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