Indian State Will Conduct An Experiment On The Payment Of Unconditional Base Income To Citizens


According to supporters of the idea, among which – the creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, it can provide security, reduce the level of poverty and solve the problem of job automation challenges. However, opponents of the initiative are confident that it will reduce the incentive to work and will lead to huge expenditures.Indian State Will Conduct An Experiment On The Payment Of Unconditional Base Income To Citizens
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The power of the small Indian state of Sikkim, located in the Himalayas, announced the plans for the experiment to ensure universal basic income for each of 610,577 citizens. If The Scheme Is Successful, The World’s Largest Trial Version Of this Economic Concept.

Universal Base Income – Regular and Unconditional Payment of Citizens from The Government. This Cash Payment In Theory Is Intended to Replace the Frequently Confusioning Strategy of State-Owned State, Which The State Provides, And Convey Decisions ON Expenses Themselves.

Sikkim Not for The First Time Declares Such Ambitious Projects: In 1998 It Was One Of The First Indian States, Which Forbade The Use of Plastic Bags. In addition, Local Authorities Provided Housing for all their Citizens, And Quite Recently, Sikkim Became The First Organic Staff in The Country, Fully Excluded The Use Of Pesticides and Fertilizers.

The Social Indicators of the Country, Having An A Average Literacy Rate of 98 Percenta, So That The Poverty Line Decreased to about Eight – Compared With Almost 30 Percent Nationally. The Small Geographical Area of ​​Sikkim And The Low Population Density Partially Explains This Success. NOW THE AUTHORITIES DECIDED TO IMPLEMENT AN EXPERIMENT ON UNCONITIONAL BASE INCOME FOR THE POPULATION.

"If There Is At Least Some Chance That It Happens Somewhere, Then It Is Sikkim. Ultimately, This Is a Matter of Political Will. With The Growth of Global Inequalities, We Went to Ensure The Overcoming Of The Gap, "Says The Only Member of The Indian Parliament From This State Prem Das Rai (Prem Das Rai). AT The Same Time, The Politician Refused to Report, How Much Can This Program Can Do the Government.

IT IS Known That Tourism and Energy Will Be Involved AS The Main Spheres to Attract Resources. Tourism IS Considered The Main Source Of State Income: More Than 2.5 Million People Are Visited Annually. AS A Region Generating Excess Electricity, Sikkim SELLS 90 Percent of Its Hydropower. At the Moment, According to Paradise, The Government Holds Meetings WITH EXPERTS AND STAKEHOLDERS AND PLANS TO EXPAND THE EXPERIMENT BY 2022.

The Idea of ​​Universal Basic Income Found Approval In The Silicon Valley and In Such Noticeable Personalities As Mark Zuckerberg and Ilon Mask, Who Called IT a "Necessary" Step, Because Automation Gradually Assumes The Work Of A Person.

However, Economists Also Indicate Possible Submarine Stones Of this Idea. Some Are Wondering IF The Replacement Of Something Defined As Food Subsidies Will Lead, On a Simple ISSUANCE OF MONEY TO Useless and Wasteful Spending. OTHERS SAY THAT THE BASIC INCOME DOES NOT MOTVATE AND DOES NOT STIMULATE TO WORK, Which Increases The Likelihood of Reduced Labor.

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