Los Angeles Will Soon Expect A Strong Earthquake – Nasa

NASA believes that Los Angeles expects a strongest earthquake of magnitude 6.1-6.3five
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NASA specialists believe that in the next three years, the city will face the earthquake of magnitude 6.1-6.3. Thus, we are talking about a sufficient strong and destructive phenomenon. It is extremely important that, according to the experts of the NASA reactive movement laboratory, the probability of it is almost 99%.

To such a disappointing conclusion of scientists pushed the study of the earthquake in La Habra (California, USA), which happened last year. Experts believe that the latter led to the weakening of tension in the earth’s crust, but the remaining energy is enough for a new strong earthquake. The territory can suffer within a radius of 96 km around Los Angeles, and the magnitude will be 5 or more.

American journalists have already managed to call such a prognosis "shocking". True, a reservation was made: the US geological service assesses the likelihood of a strong earthquake in the region indicated by 85%. In other words, experts of geological service are somewhat more "optimistic".

Note that various departments use various methods for forecasts. NASA makes a bet on radars and navigation devices, and the US geological service uses faults and computer modeling. In this case, the prediction of earthquakes is a very difficult task, even with modern equipment.

Earthquake of magnitude 6.3 (something similar is predicted in NASA) can be very devastating and lead to numerous victims. The phenomenon of such force occurred in 2009 in the Italian L’Aquile. Then 308 people became victims of the elements, and the total number of victims is estimated at one and a half thousand.

Los Angeles is the largest city in California in the population, and in total in the city agglomeration, more than 18 million people live a large Los Angeles. In addition to the "city of Angels", its largest settlements are Long Beach, Santa Anaheim, Riverside, Irvine and others.

Previously, researchers have already predicted strong underground shocks in California. In the spring of 2015, experts of the American geological service stated that with a probability of 7% in the coming years, the staff will face an earthquake, comparable to the destructive cataclysm of 1906, which turned into the ruins of San Francisco.

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