Media: State Duma Will Examine The Technology Of Editing The Genome

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Revolutionary Ideas For Editing Genome, CRISPR Technology, Cell Correction, In Other Words – Genetic Engineering, Capture The World. About Breakthroughs in This Area Recently Stated China, Japan, USA and Other Countries.

Of Course, Russia Does Not Want To Lag from Foreign Colleagues. Yes, and it is impossible to say that domestic scientists ignore this sphere: For example, in October last year, metropolitan biologists from Moscow State University, RGMU named after Pirogov and the Kulakova obstetrics center changed the structure of DNA of defective embryos, making them Invulnerable to hiv.

NOW Genetic Engineering Are Interested in the Highest Level. As reported by Russian media with reference to the public procurement site, the State Duma published a tender for research on the topic "Regulatory legal regulation of the use of auxiliary reproductive technologies".

In terms of technical specifications, it is specified that the Contractor will have to analyze the possibilities of implementing "auxiliary reproductive technologies (editing the genome, management of metabolism during pregnancy and so on) to create a new (contractual) type society and offer a conceptual program.

The term of execution of the TK – until November 30, the amount of the contract – 8.97 million rubles.

The authors of the document do not forget that in many countries, gene editing and related concepts face problems in the "social, legal, ethical and religious spheres", and the legislation of most foreign states strongly limits or even prohibits the use of additional reproduction technologies.

Given this, the Russian legislative authority proposes even to adjust – "improve" – ​​regulations governing the sphere of reproductive methods.

Among other things, officials are planning to explore the views of the Church Institute for new technologies. It is worth remembering that two months ago in the ROC developed a draft document "On the inviolability of a person’s life from the moment of conception", according to one of which it is recommended to prohibit "scientific experiments with embryos and their freezing". How this point of view will be adjacent to the wishes of the authorities to introduce new technologies to our lives – we will still see.

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