Media: The First Photo Of The Russian Untile Hunter

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"Hunter" – one of the most significant projects in modern Russian aircraft. Look at his presumptive first photo.

Media: The First Photo Of The Russian Untile Hunter
BPL "Hunter" / © Paralay

About the device is known regarding little. Its development began commissioned by the Ministry of Defense of Russia in 2012. I spent the first twinkle in June 2018, and on November 23, the UAV began to perform jogging on the runway. Previously, the media wrote that the first flight of the car was scheduled for 2019. The budget of design work is estimated at 1.6 billion rubles.

Most likely, the drone has a lot of about 20 tons. With a lot of probability, Stelc technology applied. Many media also write about the kinship of the promising machine with the fighter-generation SU-57 fighter, however it is worth noting that we are talking about fundamentally different complexes.

It is known that the onboard electronics of the UAV includes: an information and control system, an automatic control system, a conjugation equipment with common equipment, control systems and diagnostics of on-board equipment, an inertial-satellite navigation system, as well as a number of other systems and subsystems. Specialists of the concern "Radioelectronic Technologies" played a crucial role in their development.

Conceptually close to the "hunter" machines were previously represented in some Western countries, as well as in China. Wide popularity acquired Northrop Grumman X-47B, capable of performing automatic landing on aircraft carrier. In 2015, the device produced the first in the history of the refueling process in the air in fully automatic mode. Nevertheless, the project was closed. Total produced two x-47b.

We also note that recently Chinese television presented a video showing a flight sample of the newest unmanned vehicle Sky Hawk.

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