Media: Twitter Will Change The 140 Symbolic Limit


Twitter microblogging service will change the 140-character limit, having ceased to read the characters posted in the messages of the hyperlink and photos. Western journalists referred to this source in the company.Media: Twitter Will Change The 140 Symbolic Limit
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According to Bloomberg with reference to the source in Twitter Inc., Microblogging service can change the rules of messages within two coming weeks. Now the service reduces hyperlinks to 23 characters, while they, like photos, are considered part of the post. Twitter employee stressed that the decision has not yet been official. In the company itself, the upcoming changes do not comment.

Journalists note that in January of this year, the executive director Twitter Inc. Jack Dorsey stated that the company "is looking for new ways to display messages", and in this regard, the manual of the microblogging service is ready to experiment. The limit of 140 characters was adopted in 2006 due to restrictions on sending text messages from mobile devices, in fact before the mass distribution of smartphones.

Earlier, information was about the fact that Twitter can increase the message limit to 10 thousand. Signs. It was planned that the first 140 characters will be visible in the tape, when you click on which the user can go to the advanced message. However, soon Jack Dorsey stated that "the restriction helps to be brief".

Meanwhile, the company currently discusses the priority of the live events of "living events". In particular, the service of microblogging paid $ 10 million for the right to broadcast the Games of the National Football League. "In our product there are still many opportunities to repair" broken windows ", deterrent service growth," – quotes Bloomberg Jack Dorsey.

The first message in the Twitter microblogging service was shipped on March 21, 2006. Today, the audience of the service reaches 320 million people monthly. Twitter supports 35 languages ​​- the company’s offices are located in the same number of countries.

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