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  • In Australia, Found The Longest Underground Chain Of Volcanoes

    Scientists Have Discovered in Australia The World’s Longest Volcanic Chain, Hidden Under the Earth’s Surface. It extends more than 2 thousand. km from Witsendi Islands in northern Queensland to the southern coast of the country. © Cnet.Com Length is not the only distinctive feature of the volcanic chain, which researchers called "Trail of Kosgrove" (Cosgrove […]

  • Media: Facebook Will Create A Virtual Reality Application

    Facebook’s social network is working on creating a mobile application for smartphones – this was stated by the media with reference to their own sources. © Wikipedia According to Yahoo Tech, the autonomous mobile application will allow users of the social network – and not only them, since the application is planned to be made […]

  • Russian Communication Satellite Went Into Orbit

    ON Tuesday, The Accelerated Block, Launched by The Proton-M Carrier, SuccessFully Brought to the Target Orbit Telecommunication Spacecraft Express-AM8, Designed to the Broadcast Multimedia Content to the European Part of Russia and a Number of Foreign Countries. © Wikipedia AS Reported in Roscosmos, The Communication Satellite Was Bred in Orbit At 4 Hours 37 Minutes […]

  • Twitter Restored Work After A Failure

    The Twitter microblogging service restored the work after almost the hour failure that happened at night. © Wikipedia As Reuters reports, despite the failure of the microblogging service, Twitter mobile applications and the Tweetdeck cross-platform application continued to work. When you try to go to microblogs from a personal computer, the user saw the inscription […]

  • Director Nasa: The Agency Will Not Be Able To Land Astronauts On The Moon In 2024 Alone

    James Braidenstine Assured That To Achieve This Ambitious Nasa Goal, IT IS NECESSARY TO Cooperate with International Partners. © Wikipedia During The 35th Space Symposium, Which Takes Place From April 8 to April 11 at Colorado Springs, Director of Nasa James Briedine (Jim Bridenstine) Said That Space Agency Would Not Be Able to Deliver Astronauts […]

  • Space Jokes: How The Network Responded To The Publication Of The First Image Of The Black Hole

    Teng April European scientists during a press conference showed the first in history of the photo "Shadows" black hole. An important event is not left unnoticed on the Internet, provoking hundreds of jokes and memes. © Fred Delicious For today, astronomers are not able to definitely answer the question of the origin of supermarital black […]

  • David Attenboro Released A Film About Climate Change

    Journalists of Western publications have already looked at him and talk about what a strong impression he made on them. © Wikipedia April eighteenth will be released by the film of the British Naturalist David Attenboro, which is called Climate Change – The Facts ("Climate Change – Facts"). It will be shown through the BBC1 […]

  • The Cloned Chinese Cow Brought Offspring

    The cloned genetically modified Chinese cow nou NiU to give birth to a healthy calf, local media reported on Monday. According to scientists, it will be the first step of the country to their own production of marble beef. © Wikipedia According to Xinhua, the calf was born on August 28 and now, according to […]

  • Facebook Will Create A Voice Assistant For Vr And Portal

    The Company Does Not Consider IT AS A Competitor "Google Assistant" or alexa. © Wikipedia American Company Facebook Confirmed That It Works On An Artificial Voice Control Intelligence. Its Representatives Declare That Its Will Be Directed Primarily On The Spheres of Virtual and Augmented Reality and Will Not Be a Competitor to Existing Voice Assistants: […]

  • Boston Dynamics Called The Spotmini Mass Production Date

    The price of the four robot producer is going to voice in the summer. © TechCrunch The president of the company wants Spotmini to become Android among robots, and various software manufacturers wrote applications for it that will add new features. The price tag of the consumer model he did not name, but assured that […]