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  • A Group Of Cells Capable Of The Human Body

    One of the Varieties of T-Lymphocytes Not Only Struggles with Infections, But Also Contributes to the Healing Of Wounds. © Wikipedia Two Teams of Researchers WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE OXFORD BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH CENTER CONDUCTED A STUDY OF MAIT CELLS – INVARIANT T-LYMPHOCIETES ASSOCIATED WITH MUCOUS MEMBRANE. The Results of the Work Were Published in […]

  • Blood Residents Of The United States Became Blue Due To The Big Dose Of Anesthetic

    The remedy for pain led to very unusual consequences: the blood and nails of the patient acquired a dark blue color. © CNN.Com It threatened with serious brain injuries and even death. Thanks to the timely assistance rendered now, a woman feels much better.

  • Sleepless Nights Are Dangerous For The Intestinal Health

    People who work or travel at night, more often have problems with the digestive system. © Wikipedia Scientists from the Portuguese Science Foundation Shamplimamo found that the functioning of a group of immune cells that have a significant impact on the intestinal health depends on the work of the biological watches of the body. Study […]

  • Bacteria Attack Alcohol Liver Of Non-Drinking People And Cause Them Fat Disease

    Scientists found out that the disease, also known as the "fua-grared man," is associated with infection by the microorganisms of Klebsiella Pneumonia. © Wikipedia Researchers from the Moscow Pediatric Institute in Beijing found a connection between the infection of the Klebsiella Pneumonia bacteria, which produces alcohol, and non-alcoholic liver disease. Work IS Published in Cell […]

  • In Central Africa, Salmonella Strain Is Distributed, Insensitive To All Existing Drugs

    Multi-Resistant Bacteria Cause Dangerous Blood Diseases And Distribute Antibiotic Resistance Genes. © Wikipedia An international group of scientists from the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Belgium, the Institute of Biomedical Research in DR Congo, the British Institute of Senger and the University of Cambridge held a large-scale study of the new type of Salmonella, identifying […]

  • Scientists Found Out Why Our Ancestors Were Lighter Than Modern Women

    Computer simulation has shown that our ancestors probably gave birth easier and faster than modern women. © Wikipedia For many women, childbirth is a long, painful and difficult process. Previous studies have shown that the reason for which people have much more complicated than those of monkeys or other animals is that we have become […]

  • After Chemotherapy, Cancer Cells Can Devour Competitors

    Some Tumor Cells UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DOXORUBICIN TURN INTO "CANNIBALS" AND DO NOT SPARE THEIR FELLOW. © Wikipedia Scientists From The Medical School of The University of Louisiana, Studied The Mechanisms of Recurrence Of Tumor After Chemotherapy. Results Published in Journal of Cell Biology. Repeated Development of Cancer Tumors After Treatment and Subsequent Remission […]

  • Short Step Can Be A Sign Of Erectile Dysfunction

    In men who go in small steps, more likely to develop impotence. © Wikipedia Japanese scientists have discovered that some features of the gait correlate with an increased risk of impotence. According to the researchers, it is directly related to the state of the muscles of the groin. "Muscular strength and flexibility of the groin […]

  • Doctors Showed That Cancer Cells Are Able To Directly “Connect” To The Brain Neurons

    Cancer cells were able to connect with neurons, forming special "synapses", stimulate their activity and suck the incoming nutrients. © Wikipedia Two new articles published in the journal Nature, revealed another amazing and frightening ability of cancer cells. The fact is that a few years ago, the team of Professor Stanford University Michel Monie (Michelle […]

  • Without Physical Exeration, The Human Heart Acquires The Features Of A Monkey

    Biologists Compared The Hearts of People and Our Closest Relatives, Finding A Number of Differences, Which, However Workouts for Endurance. © Wikipedia Among Our Primates, Representatives of Our Species Stand Out Amazing Endurance. People Are Easily Able to Run No One Dozen Kilometers Or Move Around A Whole Day, Without Experiency Special Problems: It Is […]