Multispectral Camera Looked At The Nature Of Birds

The new chamber imitating the "four-color" vision of birds showed what they see a thick and green forest crown for us.

Left – shooting a regular camera in color and without. Right – pictures received by the camera – imitator of vision of birds: It can be seen that the contrast of them is higher / © Cynthia Tedore, Lund University

In fact, on the image received by the camera it is clear that "ultraviolet shades" is noticeably lighter on the upper side of the leaves, and on the bottom they give almost black painting. Such a contrast combination facilitates the recognition of leaves, assessing their location and orientation in space are the most important tasks for residents of the forest crown. "We found something, apparently, extremely important for birds," Dan-Eric Nilson adds, "and we will continue to work to find out what reality appears for other animals".

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