Nasa Asks People A Month Lying Down Head


For the sake of the NASA experiment, volunteers will spend a month in bed without getting up even to drink water. Lying will have a head down.Nasa Asks People A Month Lying Down Head
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Of the twelve two have already begun to test: volunteers arrived in the laboratory: Envihab of the German Aerospace Agency (DLR) and lay down on their beds, where they have to lie, not getting up, 30 days. With you you can take a smartphone and a laptop, but it will be hard. You will have to lie down a head down with a six-permanent slope, and the air in the "bedroom" will not call fresh: it is 0.5% carbon dioxide (usually the surface of the earth is not greater than 0.04%).

All this happens in the framework of NASA analogous space missions: in order to learn how the body behaves in a spacecraft, specialists create similar conditions on earth. The position of the head should recreate the effect of microgravity when the fluids of the body are not varied naturally down. Astronauts on the ISS often suffer from this: overpressing blood pressure on the brain leads to problems with vision. The composition of the air is the same as on the space station: there is a ventilation system with an excess of carbon dioxide, but it is still greater than on Earth.

Before proceeding with the experiment, volunteers pass a two-week medical examination and preparation. And then it’s time to bed. There participants will eat, drink and even take a shower. So as not to be bored, volunteers set themselves certain goals. For example, in a month under the blanket to learn a new language and go through an online course. All this time, doctors will follow the physiological indicators, including those that cannot be traced in astronauts on the ISS – there, for example, it is impossible to do an MRI, and in the German laboratory it can be done.

While the most participants in the experiment annoying a strict diet: no delicacies, only a certain amount of useful and nutritious food. Causes discomfort and loneliness. You can copy with relatives and close volunteers, but it is impossible to take visitors. The experiment simulates the conditions for a long space mission, including its influence on the mood, and the visits of friends and relatives may seriously affect him.

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