Navy France Received The First “Super Rafal”

France’s naval forces received the first Rafale F3-R fighter. This machine is able to bear the latest METEOR missiles and is one of the most powerful deck fighters in the world.FRENCH-NAVY-RECEIVES-1ST-RAFALE-M-FIGHTER-UPGRADED-TO-F3-R-STANDARD-MIN
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The first Rafale m in version F3-R received the Flotilla 11f division. As the Edition of Defence Blog notes, the F3-R version is the evolution of the Rafale F3 version.

The plane will become even more versatile, although before that "Rafer" could be called one of the most multifunctional fighters of generation 4++.

According to the information provided earlier, the new modification gives an airplane extremely high possibilities for air combat. It is known that Rafale F3-R will be able to carry the latest air-air rocket MBDA Meteor with a march direct-flow air-reactive engine. It is assumed that the rocket will maintain the highest speed on all sections of the flight.

Also aircraft version F3-R should receive advanced tarios aiming containers.

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