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  • Magic Underwater World

    Unrivaled exotic jellyfish in the epic film "Infinite Gravity" Alex Solovyov Alex. © Wikipedia I can look at these marine inhabitants infinite. It is like living space, incredible smooth movements, eternity and meditation. – Alex Solovyov The author of "infinite gravity" also notes that during the creation of the video did not resort to the […]

  • Timelaps Video: Descent On The Water Of The Destroyer Ralph Johnson

    Ralph Johnson Esmina Ralph. © Wikipedia One of the largest shipbuilding companies in the US Ingalls Shipbuilding has completed the construction of a destroyed destroyer with a managed rocket weapon. The combat baptism of the destroyer, called Ralph Johnson, is scheduled for spring 2016. In the meantime, Ingalls Shipbuilding showed how the movement and descent […]

  • Short Master “Immersion”

    Scientific Fantastic Short Film "Dive" in the Exclusive Translation from Science Geniue. © Wikipedia Fighting Crime – One Of The Priorities of Any Modern Society. And Most Likely, In The Future in This Regard, Little Will Change. The Number of CRimes, Exactly, As The Number Of Attempts To Suppress Them Will Grow Or Decrease with […]

  • Interim Total: The Brightest Space Events Of 2019

    On July 28, NASA reported that the Space Telescope TSS was completed by the study of the southern sky and began to study the Northern. We tell about the mission of the telescope and other events in the study of space, which was marked first half of 2019. Photography of the Asteroid Ultima Thule, made […]

  • R2-D2 Droid From Christmas Toys And Paper

    How to make a r2-d2 droid from christmas toys and paper. Video. © Wikipedia The number of "star wars" fans is growing in geometric progression, so it’s time to use this moment and give to your friends and a close-made hand-made R2-D2. Especially since for this you just need a little free time, standard spherical […]

  • The Cult Of Death: Five Unusual Ritual Practices Of The Peoples Of The World

    CAN’T DIE DEAD – THIS AXIOM DOES NOT REQUIRE EVIDENCE. But It CAN Bring A Briefly or Just "Not Until The End to Die". We Are Not Talking ABOUT Zombies, But About the Corpses That Some People of the World Are Artificially Trying to Extend Their Lives and Even Get Out of the Ground. INSIDE […]

  • Boston Dynamics Showed Video From Santa Claus And Rollains

    Boston Dynamics introduced a video with its new robot Spot in the form of a deer. Weighs such a robot 70 kg. © Wikipedia Boston Dynamics is famous not only to the development of robots, but also very original ideas with the participation of its children. Now the company’s engineers dressed up the Spot Robot […]

  • Metamorphosis Farrow Thomasa

    Youyube-channel Y Nakajima presented a video on which it is shown that what metamorphosis he managed to expose Tomas – Hero of children’s cartoons. © Wikipedia The Japanese know a sense in Horror. This Unique "Talent" Helps Them to Create Not Only Truly Frighteening Horror Films, But Also, As It Turned Out, The Soul Of […]

  • Biologists Showed How Giving Birth To The Samester Of Sea Skate

    Biologists from the University of British Columbia in Canadian Vancouver managed to enter the video of the rare process of the emergence of the sea skate, which gave birth to the male of this individual. © Wikipedia As SCI-NEWS writes, Sydney Seahorse (New Holland Seahorse) enters the family of Australian fish Syngnathidae. In nature, it […]

  • When Dron Becomes A Blender

    YouTube Channels Speed ​​Motion Films presented a new video on which the DJI brand propellers are cutting a variety of fruits, vegetables and other foods. © Wikipedia YouTube Channels Speed ​​Motion Films presented a new video on which the DJI brand propellers are cutting a variety of fruits, vegetables and other foods. In particular, bananas, […]