Ornithologists Traced Record Migrations Of Sparrows


North American relatives Sparrows were capable of such distant and difficult flights who threaten them to extin.Ornithologists Traced Record Migrations Of Sparrows
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Pepherruda forest singer – Daligious relatives of our Vorobiev – nest in the north of North America, and for the winter migrate to the southern. And even even experts hardly might believe that these 12-gram birds overcome more than 20 thousand kilometers over the year, their migrations have recently managed to confirm direct observations. The biologists from the Canadian University of Canadian University are told in the article published in the Ecology journal.

A few years ago Ryan Norris and his colleagues found that the annual migrations of Pelevuns Dendroica Striata include a stunning, almost non-stop flight over the Atlantic Ocean, along the Eastern Coast of the United States: For three days, miniature birds overcome about 2,700 kilometers. Now the scientist managed to trace their way completely.

GPS trackers were attached to the singer spending the summer in the north of Canada and in Alaska, and measured their flights to the Amazon forests – in Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil. Migration of these tiny birds on the southern winterings occupies an average of 60 days for which they fly from 6900 to 10,700 kilometers. In about 18 days, they get to the shore of the Atlantic, where they spend a month, easting and gaining strength before the transatlantic flight from 2250 to 3400 kilometers.

The authors note that the number of patrudy pevunov in recent years has been quickly reduced. Perhaps this is due to the difficulties of their ambitious migration. Against the background of the ongoing global warming, the climate of the central regions of the Atlantic Ocean is becoming more extreme, and the flight through them is dangerous.

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