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  • Researchers First Removed The Rotation Of The Molecule

    Scientists used exactly-minded laser light pulses to shoot ultrafast rotation of carbonyl sulfide molecule. © Wikipedia When rotating the molecule, it changes its magnetic properties, which can be captured using modern research methods. However, it has not yet been possible to obtain sufficient permission to shoot the rotation of atoms in the molecule. In addition, […]

  • American Physicists Launched A “Mini Sun” In The Laboratory

    The new BRB installation will make it possible to simulate the spiral plasma movement and other mysterious processes in the sun. Sphere with a radius of 1.3 meters contains a hot (10-30 eV) helium plasma / © UW Plasma Physics The fact is that the rotation of the Sun is fascinated by its powerful magnetic […]

  • For The First Time The Structure Combining Particles And Antipartice Is Depicted

    American and German scientists for the first time received images of Majorovsky Fermion – particles, which is their own antiparticle. Opening will create cubes for quantum computers. Image of iron grain with mayorana fermions (bottom right) / © Palacio-Morales et al. Science Advances, 2019 This method allowed researchers to "see" elusive quasiparticles and explore some […]

  • Created First Quantum Light Sources

    An International Group of Scientists Was Able to Place Light Sources in Atominianly Thin Layers of Material With Accuracy Of Several Nanometers. © Wikipedia In Traditional Quantum Chips, Media Information – Electrons. But Faster In Terms of Signal Transmission CAN BE PHOTONS THAT ARE CAPABLE OF MOVING WITH LIGHT SPEED. HOWEVER, THE IMPLEMENTATION OFF INFORMATION […]

  • Vorki Size With British Islands Transport Energy In The Atmosphere Of The Sun

    A group of scientists found earlier unnoticed frequent bursts, which transport energy from the surface of our star to its atmosphere. © Wikipedia As is known, the surface temperature of the Sun is much lower than its atmosphere: they differ in three orders. Until now, experts were not clear what caused such a differential. However, […]

  • Us Plan To Create An Economical Nuclear Reactor

    The new test reactor on fast neutrons is intended to update the country’s fading nuclear energy and make it more secure. The remote control of the experimental reactor in Idaho, which was frozen in 1994 / © Michael Runkel According to the US energy information management, at the end of December, 59 power plants producing […]

  • Scientists Were Able To “Teleport” Katrite

    For the First Time, Researchers Managed to Fix The Quantum Teleportation of the Kutrite – The Analogue of The Qubit, But With Three Possible States. © Wikipedia UNTIL NOW, Quantum Teleportation Was Achieved Only for Cubes, Althogh in Impressively Long Distances. Kratrite IS A Quantum Analog Of A Trit, Units of Information That Can Take […]

  • From The Creation Of Quantum Mechanics To The Second Quantum Revolution

    If you live at the end of the first quarter of the XXI century, they certainly heard about quantum mechanics – and, most likely, more than once. At the age of a hundred years of its existence, this incredible theory managed to generate whole two technological revolutions!

  • Scientists Have Created “Invisible Raincoat”, Hiding Objects From Water Waves

    Physicists have described two concepts of metastructures at once, capable of making the sea waves "Go up" the objects hidden behind them. © Wikipedia Working out modern "invisible raincoats", scientists usually try to hide objects from electromagnetic waves, including visible. Various metamaterials are created for this, the subtle structure of which gives them new unusual […]

  • Scientists Managed To Get A Rare Type Of Superconductivity Again

    Team of Physicists Was Able to Get Topologic SuperConductivity On Josephson Contact. Opening Will Help Develop Quantum Computers Protected From Errs. © Wikipedia Topologicly Protected, Or Topologic Insulators, Are Called Materials in Which The Complex Structure of Energy Zones Is Observed. Due To This, A Conducting State Arises On Their Surface. Electrons In Such Materials […]