Preliminary Module “Changy-5” Deliberately Broke About The Lunar Surface


Preliminary Module of the Chinese Automatic Station "Changy-5" Planned broken about the surface of the moon to avoid contamination of the satellite orbit. Preliminary Module “Changy-5” Deliberately Broke About The Lunar Surface
“Channel-5” / © CNSA / CLEP

The whole world is watching the historical for China (and not only) the Mission “Changy-5”, in which the samples of the lunar soil should be returned to the Earth. How it became known, the take-off station module smashed about the surface of the satellite. This Is A Planned Action, Its Goal Is To Avoid The Moon of Fragments.

Recall, Recently, The Changy-5 Apparatus SuccessFully Completed The Mission to Collect The Lunar Soil and Went Home. HE HAS ALREADY BEEN SAFELY DOCKED WITH AN ORBITAL MODULE. Upon Reaching The Complex of the Earth”s Orbit, The Returned Module Will Be Unchanged and Return to Our Planet.

The Obtained Samples Explore Scientists, Which Will Allow Better Understanding The Structure of The Natural Satellite Of the Earth.

The Mission "Changy-5" Is Extremely Important for China. This Is The First In The History of the Subway, The Returned Expedition From The Moon. HER SUCCESS WILL BRING THE PRC TO THE PILLODED BY CREATING ON ITS SURFACE OF THE RESEARCH BASE.

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