Ras Recognized Homeopathy Lzhenauka


Experts of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) for the first time in many years inflicted a serious blow to homeopathy, calling it "dangerous practice" and "Lzhenauka".Ras Recognized Homeopathy Lzhenauka
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Homeopathy Is A Type of Alternative Medicine Involving The Use Of Patients with Small Doses of Dreugs, Which in Large Doses Schould Cause Symptoms of this Disease in Healthy People. In Oter Words, Homeopathy Works on the Principle of "Treatment of Similar Similar".

Scientific Society Is Most Often Related to Homeopathy Skeptical. SO, from the application of this technique, Who Experts Were Often Warned (World Health Organization). And In The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Decided That Manufacturers of Homeopathic Preparations Are Obliged to Inform Customers That Such Drugs Have Not Passed The Necessary Clinical Trials and Were Not ApproVed by Experts.

AND NOW THE ADDITIONAL BWO TO Homeopathy Caused Russian Scientists. Commission to Combat Lzhenauku Ras Issued A Memorandum, Where It Was Openly Called This Pactice "Lzhenauka". An interdisciplinary working group Was Attended by The Memorandum, Which Includes The Names of About 30 Scientists, in Particular Psychologists, Physicists and Chemists. EXPERTS OF THE RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES DIRECTLY STATED THAT THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE USE OF HOMEOPATHY CAN BE VERY DEPLORABLE, RIGHT UP TO THE DEATH OF THE PATIENT.

Commission Recommends The Ministry of Health to Bring Homeopathic Preparations from Consuming in State Units. AT The Same Time, The Federal Antimonopoly Service Is Advised To Limit Advertising Of this Kind of Drugs.

The Emergence Of Homeopathy Its Supporters Refer to the Times of Ancient Greece. It is Believed That The Famous Healer And The Doctor Hippocrat Prescribed The Patients of Mandor Dosescribed The Treatment of Mandragora root for the Treatment of "Mania", Which, As Expected Then, The Root Itself and Caused. At the Same Time, The Special Popularity of Homeopathy Acquired in the XVIII Century, When Many Of Its Main Postulates Were Formulated.

Recall, Recently Experts Presented a Video Telling ABOUT THE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF HOMEOPATHY, AS WELL AS ABOUT THE "Efficiency" of this Method of Treating Patients.

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