Reported On The Second Case Of Healing From Hiv

The Second Time In History Is Severely Sick with Cancer and Aids Managed to Get Rid Of Both Diseases.hiv0
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For An Almost 40-Year Term of The Fight Against The Hiv Epidemic, The Account Reached 35000000: 2. IS Reported That The Second Patient Got Rid Of The Virus 12 Years After The Previous Success, Which Still Failed to Repeat. Anonymous "London Patient" for a year and a Half Does Not Continue AntiViral Therapy, Demonstrating At Least A Long-Term Remission and Possibly A Complete Cure. According to the New York Times, A Detailed Article Will Be Published in the Nearest Issue of Nature Magazine.

IT IS Worth Saying That This Success Does Not Mean The Emergence Of Mass, Affordable and Effective AIDS Therapy. The Fact Is That Both Healing Patients Suffered From Leukemia, Which Was Not Even Chemotherapy. Both passed the bone marrow transplant, having received the cloth from the donor, the CCR5 mutation carrier, making it resistant to HIV. However, this procedure is severe, expensive, dangerous and fraught with a mass of side effects. Against the background of the appearance of powerful and affordable antiviral drugs, which are capable of decades to suppress HIV development, the use of bone marrow transplantation can hardly be considered justified.

Nevertheless, since 2007, when the "Berlin patient" Timothy Brown was declared healing, doctors many times tried to repeat this success with other patients suffering from AIDS and severe oncological diseases. Once at once, the virus returned and a few months later found in the blood. At some point, some experts even began to consider the case of "Berlin patient" unique and associated with a number of heavy shakes, which had to survive his immune system and the whole body (at one stage of the treatment of Brown even introduced into someone). However, a new case showed that you can do without such "near-minded experience".

The patient with the Lymphoma Hodgkin and AIDS passed the bone marrow transplant from the donor with CCR5 mutation in May 2016 and received strong immunosuppressors. In September 2017, he stopped giving antiviral tools, and HIV in his blood is still not detected. It is reported that the "London Patient" is one of the 38 patients with cancer and HIV who received CCR5-mutant bone marrow preparations, for which doctors continue to monitor. According to them, another – "Düsseldorf patient" – demonstrates very encouraging dynamics and remains free from the virus for several months. Perhaps soon an account in the fight against HIV will again be updated.

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