Running The James Webb Space Telescope Again Suffered


Running Infrared Observatory James Webb will not take place on December 22. This was reported by NASA. Running The James Webb Space Telescope Again Suffered"Hubble" (left) and "James Webb" (Right) / © NASA

James Webb will study how the galaxies, stars and planetary systems were developed and developed. New data will allow them to answer the question of the origin of life, scientists believe.

Equipment will allow the telescope to identify relatively cold exoplans with a surface temperature of up to 300 kelvins (which is almost equal to the surface temperature of our planet), which are on 12 astronomical units from their luminaries and removed from the Earth to the distance to 15 light years.

Thanks to James Webb, we can better understand your own system. This, in particular, concerns its water worlds – Satellites of Jupiter and Saturn (Europe and Enceladus, respectively). The telescope also explores the clerian, palladium, raduga, centaurs and transneptunovy objects. Working period James Webb will be at least six years.

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