Russia Experienced Marine Drums

Zala Aero has conducted tests of seaside versions of the barragging ammunition cube. The basic option can develop a speed of 80-130 kilometers per hour, in the air it is able to be up to 30 minutes.CAPA "ALTIUS" / © Russian Ministry of Defense

As it was reported, for the summer, the device must complete additional tests that assumed the discharges of small-sized bombs and launch launches in different targets.

The same set of weapons were applied on the shock UKLA "INODOCHET", known as "Orion" and the first flight in 2016. In February, the network laid out the work frames of this UAV in Syria. It was about the implementation of intelligence tasks and on strikes for land targets.

According to open sources, the drone can take 200 kilograms of payload. With standard load, it is able to stay in the air 24 hours. The speed of "Orion" is up to 200 kilometers per hour.

The export version was called "Orion-E". It has previously known that radius of its uses want to increase due to satellite communications: now, thanks to the radio channel, the device can be used at a distance of up to 250 kilometers.

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