Russian Budget Will Find Funds In The Sun, Moon And Mars


The Russian budget will spend more than one hundred billion rubles to spend more than one hundred billion rubles to the Space Program – the head of Roskosmos said to journalists. According to Igor Komarov, the program will include the study of the Sun, Moon and Mars.Russian Budget Will Find Funds In The Sun, Moon And Mars
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As RBC writes, the cost of the Federal Space Program (FKP) for 2016-2025 will be 1 trillion 406 billion rubles. The first three years on the program will be allocated by 104.5 billion rubles per year. According to the head of Roskosmos, Igor Komarov, the financing of the program as a whole is reduced by 845.5 billion rubles, but at the same time "managed to maintain all basic experiments and research".

Details of the space program leads to TASS. According to the News Agency, 38.5 Billion RUBLES WILL BE SPENT ON LUNAR PROJECTS, 28.1 Billion RUBLES FOR THE STUDY OF MARS, ANOTHER 37.2 Billion Rubles for Research on the Projects of the Spectrum Family (We Are Talking ABOUT THE SPECTRUM-RG ORBITAL TELESCOPES AND "SPECTRUM-UV").

The Sun Will Be Explored in The Framework of the "Resonance" Project Aimed At Studying Magnetic Storms and Their Effects on Land. For the Study of the Moon, 5 Spacecraft Will Be Launched (Stage "Moon-Avtomat" In The Period From 2019 to 2024.), While The Moon Planned for 2025 IS TRANSFERRED "Beyond The FCP Period, On the Second Half of the Next Decade".

As for Mars, In 2024, Russia Together With Esa Plans to Launch The Project of Returning Soil Samples from Phobos, And IF Everything Goes Well, The Next Flight Will Be Carriy Out on Mars.

Also, The Head of Roskosmos Reported That The Work Of The International Space Station Will Be Maintained at Least 2024. In 2023, IT IS Planned to Launch Ships from the Eastern Cosmodrome. This is, in particular, about the missiles "Angara" and the Pilotable Transport Ships of the New Generation, The Creation of Which Also Became One of the Priorities of the FCP. Igor Komarov Also Mentioned "Projects and Research Return Retaments". RECALL, ON THE EVE OF THE AMERICAN SPACEX SAFELY Planted The Head of Roscosmos Called "Success".

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