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  • Scientists Recorded A “Deadly Kiss” Two Stars

    Astronomers USING THE VLT TELESCOPE FOUND THE VFTS 352 SYSTEM – AN UNUSUAL PAIR OF TWO LARGE STARS, Which Relate to Each Other and Between Which the Exchange Of Matter Began. This "Death Kiss", As Scientists Called the Phenomenon, Will Lead to the Fact That The Either Either Merge Into One Gigantic Superstar, Or Explode […]

  • Not Far From The North Pole, A Thunderstorm

    After the impressive number of weather anomalies of the summer of 2019 replenished with a new unexpected event: a thunderstorm just a few hundred kilometers from the North Pole. According to NWS, on the evening of August 10, several lightning hit around 85 ° and 126 ° in.D. / © NWS Fairbanks In the […]

  • Shale Oil Called The Main Source Of Pollution Atmosphere With Methane

    The production of oil and gas resources from shale rocks led to entering huge amounts of methane – the source of powerful greenhouse gas. © Wikipedia The economic activity of humanity fills the atmosphere not only with carbon dioxide, but also methane, creating a much more powerful greenhouse effect. Its content in the air rapidly […]

  • Mass Extinction Can Be Caused By The Evolution Itself – Scientists

    The reason that mass extinction occurred may occur in the very evolution of species. © Wikipedia At the very end of the Eidiakarian period (540 million years ago), one of the extinctions occurred, but until recently the cause of the death of early organisms was covered with a curtain of the darkness of the Mraka. […]

  • Scientists Told What Consequences To Expect Land In The Case Of Russia’S Nuclear War With The United States

    Experts Compared Previously Obtained Data On The Effects of Nuclear Conflict and Updated Them. © Wikipedia Joshua Kup From Rutgers University in New Jersey and His Colleagues Modeled How The Climate Will React To A Total Nuclear War. THEY COMPARED THEIR CONCLUSIONS OF THE RESULTS OF ANOTHER CLIMATE MODEL OF THE ATOMIC WAR SCENARIO – […]

  • Chinese Company Launches Cat Cloning Service

    In addition, according to media information, plans – the creation of cloned horses and postal pigeons. Cloned kitten nicknames garlic / © sinogene Garlic and cat, who had cells for cloning, look absolutely identical, however, they have a different character. According to experts, the life expectancy of the "copy" will be the same as the […]

  • Scientists Told How Smartphones Affect Brain Activity

    Using a mobile phone during a break, in fact, leads to mental exhaustion and bad performance. © Wikipedia A new study of scientists from Ratger University (USA) has shown that the use of a mobile phone to relax in the interruption between the mental load does not allow the brain to "unload" and can lead […]

  • Scientists Took Hundreds Of Water Samples And Will Present The Most Believable Explanation Of The Loch Nevsky Monster

    According to Foreign Publications, The Team of Researchers Sport On The Study of Lake Loch Ness More Thank. The Results Obtained Will Be Finally FINISH A Popular Myth. NOT ALL PLESIOSAURS HAD LONG NECK. In The Image – Lopelyrodon / © Dinosaurs Plesiosaur – A Squad of Fossil Reptiles Who Lived Approximately 199.6-65.5 Million Years […]

  • Researchers Found Out How Strong Earthquakes Begin

    Often in front of medium and large earthquakes are small shoes that can fix modern measuring instruments. © Wikipedia Natural earthquakes occur mainly for two reasons: these are collisions of tectonic plates and volcanic activity. Every year, thanks to more accurate measurement methods, scientists register more and more of these natural phenomena. But to predict […]

  • “Titanic” Can “Eat” Microbes By 2030

    For the first time in 14 years, scientists plunged into the crash site of the liner and found out that by about 2030 he can completely disappear. Photo of the hull "Titanic" at diving 2019 / © Atlantic Productions For future generations, these artificial reconstruction, according to scientists, will become the only way to see […]