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  • Practice For 10 Thousand Hours Will Not Make A Professional

    Study at 39 violinists showed that the "Rule of 10 thousand hours" does not work. © Wikipedia You may have heard the rule that 10 thousand hours of practice will turn you into an expert in any field. This "law" was first offered by the author of the study of musicians, including violinists, back in […]

  • Los Angeles Will Soon Expect A Strong Earthquake – Nasa

    NASA believes that Los Angeles expects a strongest earthquake of magnitude 6.1-6.3 © Wikipedia NASA specialists believe that in the next three years, the city will face the earthquake of magnitude 6.1-6.3. Thus, we are talking about a sufficient strong and destructive phenomenon. It is extremely important that, according to the experts of the NASA […]

  • Ilon Mask Believes That The Demographic Collapse Is Waiting For Us

    According to the founder of Spacex, this is a demographic collapse. Mask and founder Alibaba Jack Ma told about it in China. © Wikipedia At the World Conference in Shanghai, dedicated to artificial intelligence, the Billionaire’s inventor expressed his fears: "I am concerned about the birth rate. In contrast to the opinion of many that […]

  • Geologists Found A Mineral From The Subsoil Of Another Planet

    Scientists have identified carbon mineral, formed in the depths of the dead "the" embryo "of the planet. © Wikipedia Back in 1951, in the province of Victoria, in the Far Southeast of Australia, a meteorite was discovered, which is located in the local museum today. So far, scientists carefully examine the 220-gram sample, from which […]

  • Collected Half Mirrors For Telescope James Webb

    With the Help of a Powerful Manipulator, Nasa Engineers Installed The Ninth of 18 Mirror Segments, of Which The Mirror of the Future "Changer" of the Hubble Space Telescope Will Be Folded – The Huge James Webb. © Wikipedia "Years of Development and Training Brings Their Dividends," Says Lee Feinberg Space Flight Manager (Lee Feinberg) […]

  • Media: State Duma Will Examine The Technology Of Editing The Genome

    ON STUDY OF THE METHODS OF "CREATING A NEW TYPE SOCIETY" WILL SPEND ALMOST NINE MILLION RUBLES. © Wikipedia Revolutionary Ideas For Editing Genome, CRISPR Technology, Cell Correction, In Other Words – Genetic Engineering, Capture The World. About Breakthroughs in This Area Recently Stated China, Japan, USA and Other Countries. Of Course, Russia Does Not […]

  • The Mystery Of The Architectural Skill Of Termites Is Revealed

    Despite the tiny sizes, termites are able to move hundreds and thousands of kilograms of the soil, removing their huge – especially by their standards – member. It turns out extremely reliable and efficient structures with a working system of internal ventilation and maintaining climate, with galleries and floors. At the same time, no insect […]

  • Our Own Cosmos: What We Learned About The Ocean Over The Past 10 Years

    In The Entire History of the Study in Space, More Thank Peple Visited. In The Ocean, For a Deep More Than 10 Kilometers, Only Three Descended. We Still Know About the World Ocean and Its Inhabitants Are Unacceptable.Deep-Water Octopus. Alexander Ziegler, Christina Sagorny (Creativecommons.Org / Licenses / BY / 4.0 /) Scientists Are Interested and […]

  • All Laureates Of Scientific “Oscar” Have Been Announced

    The Breakthrough Prize foundation announced awarding awards in the amount of three million dollars in 2020. Award will take place on November 3. © Wikipedia Breakthrough Prize Prize is organized by the Foundation Simultially, which is funded by the former Mail co-owner.RU Yuri Milnerom. Every year, the Fund presents a premium in the amount of […]

  • Scientists: Irish’S Provenitors Lived In The Steppes Of Russia

    Genetics From Dublin Analyzed The Structure of The Dna of The Ancient Inhabitants of the Island, Who Lived On It About 5.2 and 4 thouusand. YEARS AGO. IT TURNED OUT THAT THEIR PROGENITORS WERE THE PEOPLES WHO LIVED IN THE CASPIAN AND BLACK SEA STEPPES OF RUSSIA AND UKRAINE. © Wikipedia Study of Irish Genetics […]