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  • Geologists Reconstructed The History Of The Mainland Buried Under Modern Europe

    Scientists have found out the story of a large adriamy – the mainland, who has been walking away from the Gondwana and the dead in a powerful collision with Europe. Big Adria 240, 170 and 100 million years ago between Africa and Europe / © Van Hinsbergen et al., 2019 The authors noted that the […]

  • Tasmanian Devils Have A New Form Of Infectious Cancer

    Tumors whose cells are capable of transmitted from one individual to another, infecting it, in nature are extremely rare. Single such cases are also known among people, and only four types of transmissible cancer have been found in animals. The most famous of them is the facial tumor of the Tasmanian Devil (Devil Facial Tumour […]

  • Paleontologists Described The Last Day Of The Dinosaur Era

    Samples from the center of Crater Chiksulub helped to reconstruct the first hours after the fall of the asteroid, which put the point in the long era of dinosaurs. Scroll of one of the cores studied by the commander of Sean Gulika. Seen’s abundant inclusions are visible – all that remains from ancient plants and […]

  • Carbon Nanotubes Found In The Lungs Of Paris

    This Is The First Registered Case Of Detection Of Such Structures In The Human Body. Perspective Material of the Future, Carbon Nanotubes Are Not So Easy to Meet In Life – The Remain A Lot of High Tech Laboratories, Which Are Studying Their Properties, Develop Production and Application Technologies. © Wikipedia Their Potential Danger Is […]

  • The Swedish Scientist Suggested That There Is A Human Flesh To Resist Global Warming

    Swedish researcher is not against trying human meat. © Wikipedia Scientist Magnus Soderlund (Magnus Soderlund) from the Stockholm School of Economics, speaking at the Gastro summit held in Stockholm, offered an unusual strategy in the fight against global climate change: there is human flesh. The specialist believes that the use of this meat obtained from […]

  • Prehistoric Protein Ancestors Found

    Scientists from the Institute of Evolution Biology Max Planck revealed 40 fragments of peptides, which, in their opinion, existed more than 3.5 billion years ago and are the ancestors of modern proteins. © Wikipedia Proteins are a building material for all living organisms – from bacteria to man. In the human body, they are responsible […]

  • The Laureates Of The Schnobel Prize Are Announced

    In the US, called the names of scientists who were awarded the Schnobev Prize. © IG Nobel Prize In the area of ​​Anatomy, the victory went to the French for "the temperature asymmetry of the scrotum at nude and dressed people". Award in the field of engineering business – Iranian Iman Farabakhshu, who patented the […]

  • The Movement Of Corpses After Death Will Make It Difficult To Investigate Crimes

    According to New Research, During The Year After Death, The Corpses Chan Change the Situation, Theby Hampering The Forensic Examination. © Wikipedia An Important Part of this Expertise IS Considered to Be An Analysis of the Position of the Body. IT CAN SAY A LOT ABOUT HOW A MAN DIED, WHAT HE DID AT THE […]

  • Us Fleet Confirmed The Authenticity Of Video With Unidentified Flying Objects

    American Military Make It Difficult to Say WHICH THE PILOTS OF Deck Aviation Faced. © Wikipedia This Story Has a Lot of Dark Spots and Only More Questions Are Becoming. RECALL THAT IN THE SPRING OF THE 2019, THE NEW YORK TIMES JOURNALISTS TALKED TO US NAVY PILOTS, Which, WHEN PERFORMING FLIGHTS FLIGHTS FLIGHT FLYING […]

  • Earth Warmer Faster Than Expected

    According to New Climatic Models, The Earth’s Atmosphere BY 2100 Heats Up for Seven Degrees Celsius. THIS IS 1.5 DEGREES ABOVE PAST FORECASTS. Dynamics of Average Annual Temperature Change Relative To 1880 / © Noaa Also, according to the special report of the intergovernmental group of experts on climate change, from a third to 99 […]