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  • The New System Will Allow You To Generate Lyrics That Repeat The Style Of Specific Artists

    Workers of the University of Waterloo, Canada, developed a system for creating lyrics that correspond to the style of certain music performers. According to them, she is designed not to replace artists, but, on the contrary, help them. Two poems generated by the system and included in the collection are presented at the NEURIPS 2018 […]

  • Australian Engineers Predicted How Future Robots Look Like

    Employees of the State Association of Scientific and Applied Studies of Australia (CSIRO) shared their gaze on how the future robots may look like. On the most famous robots from cinema they look like definitely will not. An artistic image of a robot capable of working in the forests of Amazonia, to the creation of […]

  • A New Study Showed That The Oceans Are Heated Even Faster Than Previously Thought

    Greenhouse gases increase the temperature of the ocean faster than previously thought, a new study of the University of California in Berkeley approves. These results serve as one more proof that rumors about a slowdown or "break" in global warming over the past 15 years have been unreasonable. © Wikipedia "If you need proof of […]

  • Global Warming Enhances Ocean Waves

    Climatologists have shown that due to climate change, the power of sea waves increases: this is especially dangerous in the waters of Antarctica. The growth of the energy of the waves over the past half a century is more noticeable of everything appeared in the southern ocean / © Reguero et al., 2019 Stripping storms […]

  • The New Method Of 3d Printing Using Light Will Increase The Speed Of The Process And The Quality Of Objects

    The staff of the University of Michigan demonstrated that instead of creating layers of plastic yarns, a new approach to three-dimensional printing will increase not only the speed of printing, but also durability and wear resistance of the objects obtained. © Wikipedia 3D printing can have invaluable help with relatively small production tasks, simultaneously printing […]

  • It Is Shown That Today Antarctica Loses Six Times More Mass Than 40 Years Ago

    A large-scale study that has been launched from 1979 to 2017, clearly demonstrated an increased melting of Antarctica. Anarthctic ice mass indicators, obtained using a component method / © Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences One of the leaders of Eric Rignot (Eric Rignot) said that the eastern region brought the greatest contribution to […]

  • Body, Imitating Zebra Color, Helps Tribes To Escape From Insect Bites

    According to a new study, the tradition of the representatives of the indigenous tribes to draw white stripes on bodies, imitating the zebra strips, reduces the number of potentially hazardous bites of the blind, flies and mosquitoes about 10 times. Typical Bodyia Patterns of various tribes living in Australia (21-37), Papua New Guinea (38-40) and […]

  • In Kaliningrad Created A Cockroach Scout

    In Kaliningrad, created a robot-cockroach – scout. Electronic cockroach / © Provided by the Baltic Federal University named after Immanuel Kant (BFU) / RIA Novosti For the development of "Terminator" at specialists BFU went about seven months. All this time, scientists and engineers watched the real fellows of the robot – the cockroaches of BLABERUS […]

  • Scientists Revived Skeleton Creatures, Living 290 Million Years Ago

    Using archaeologists data, engineers recreated a lizard gait – ancestor of modern mammals. © Wikipedia Researchers from the Berlin University named after Gumboldt and the Swiss Higher Technical School Zurich created a robot on the basis of a skeleton of an animal existing before dinosaurs. Applying a technology complex, they put him a gait of […]

  • The Temperature Of The World Ocean Reached Record Values

    Previous year has become a record for the temperature of the World Ocean. If she continues to rise, it does not promise anything good. © Wikipedia In the new material published in the Advances magazine in Atmospheric Sciences, it is argued that in 2018 the temperature of the oceans reached the highest marks from the […]