Scientists Called The Best Song For Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation


To withstand the fast and clear pace of pressing when resuscitation, scientists advise to sing a song with the right rhythm.Scientists Called The Best Song For Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
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Artificial ventilation of the lungs and indirect heart massage for urgent resuscitation must be performed in accordance with the proven technology and at a certain pace: so it is important to do from 100 to 120 clicks on the lungs per minute. To withstand the right rhythm is difficult even familiar with this technique to people if they do not have sufficient practice.

Doctors from Barcelona decided to explore how to keep the right technique of rhythm songs of the appropriate tempo. Experiments on 164 volunteer students have shown that the best results of resuscitation achieved those of them who were asked to sing the song Macarena – the main hit of the Spanish group of the 1990s Los Del Río. The rate of composition – 103 BPM – turned out to be optimal for compliance with the right rhythm of resuscitation procedures. About this Professor Enrique Carrero Cardenal and his colleagues from Barcelona University reported on the European Congress on Anesthesia held in Denmark (EAC 2018).

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It is worth adding that students have previously studied cardiovascular intensive care techniques. In experiments, they spent all the procedures on the mannequin for two minutes. One group of experimental did this in itself, the other – for a mastering the Mobile Metron Rithm, the third – under the song.

Better than all, the most used by the metronome: 91 percent of the presses were performed in the right rhythm. However, under Macarena, their number was a decent 74 percent – against only 24 percent of the "right" clicks from those who did not use any method for maintaining the pace.

It is worth noting that the experiments were conducted with the participation of students of the local university. Lovers of other musical traditions and genres The authors advise to choose any track to their taste, the main thing – so that his pace remains within the same range.

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