Scientists Found Out The Cause Of Corruption


The theory of games suggested to researchers, what is the cause of corruption in government agencies.Scientists Found Out The Cause Of Corruption
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Corruption is manifested in various forms, including Favoritism, clientism (exchange of goods and services for political support) and theft of public funds. Researchers from the International Institute of Applied Systemic Analysis focused specifically on one form of corruption – bribery in state institutions.

Specialists Havesed The Widespread Definition Of Government Agencies: They Also Considered Institutions Managed by Officials Such As Football Judges, Journalists or Heads of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOS). In Other Words, The Authors Included in The Study of All Government Officials Who Possess the Power Based on Social Confidence.

The Tem Analyzed The Basic Bribery Model using the Evolutionary Theory of Games – Template Originally Developed to Describe Biological Evolution, Which, However, Is Increasingly Used to Analyze Social Evolution. The Researchers Initially Believed That Socio-Economic "Players" in This Model Are Guided by Personal Interests. The Purpose of Scientists Was To Create A Model Fixing The Key Dynamics That Would Be Relevant for Many Specific Systems. In Particular, Researchers Wanted to Show That The Adaptation of Individual Agents to Cycles, Which Reflection Cases in Combination of Confidence in Society.

Researchers Broke The Activities of the Organization for Cycles: First The Heads of Government Agencies Act in Personal Interests, Making Corruption Transactions. The State IS Thene Begins to Suspect The Institution and Conducts a Number of Inspections, Improving The Efforts to Monitor Its Activities. But Anti-Corruption Measures Are Very Expensive, And The Renewal of the Corruption Activities of the Confidence Returned to the confidence Returned to the confidence. THEN THE CYCLE BEGINS AGAIN.

The Team of Scientists Hopes That Their Analysis Will Help Develope Effective and Justified Anti-Corruption Measures and Will Serve As a Peculiar Spring for Future Theoretic and Gaming Research of this Topic.

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