Scientists: Irish’S Provenitors Lived In The Steppes Of Russia

Genetics From Dublin Analyzed The Structure of The Dna of The Ancient Inhabitants of the Island, Who Lived On It About 5.2 and 4 thouusand. YEARS AGO. IT TURNED OUT THAT THEIR PROGENITORS WERE THE PEOPLES WHO LIVED IN THE CASPIAN AND BLACK SEA STEPPES OF RUSSIA AND UKRAINE.5523504582_351E7DE3DF_O
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Study of Irish Genetics Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. "In The Bronze Age, Europe Overwhelmed The Whole Wave of Genomic Changes, Which Passed Throughout Its Length, From the Pontic Steppes in the Black Sea and To the Most Western Island. The High Degree of These Changes in Ireland Makes US Think About Other Changes, in Particular, About the Appearance on the Island of Language That Served As The Ancestor for West Celtic Languages, "Said Dan Bradley From Trinity College in Dublin (Ireland).

Scientists Have Deciphered The Dna of the Ancient Irish, Living In The Territory of 5.2 Thouusand. Years Ago, And Three Men Who Lived in Ireland Noticeably Later, About 4 Thousand. YEARS AGO. Well-Preserve Women’s Remains and One Of The Men Allowed Geneticists to Compare The Genomes of Ancient and Modern Inhabitants of the Island.

The first Farmers of the "Emerald Island" Were Mainly Migrants from the Middle East and Had a Very Unlike Modern Irish Appearance. THEY HAD A DARK SKIN, BROWN EYES, Dark Hair.

Then the Black Sea and Caspian Steppes – Were Ousted by Migrants from the Black Sea and Caspian Steppes -. In addition, the Black Sea-Caspian peoples brought an unusual mutation in the C282Y gene, the appearance of which leads to the development of hemochromatosis – disorders in the conclusion of iron from the body. This ailment is even called "Celtic disease".

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