Scientists Singled Out Five Habits Capable Of Extending Life For A Decade


American researchers have compiled a list of habits affecting the expected lifespan. Those who followed all these principles lived on average for 12-14 years longer.Scientists Singled Out Five Habits Capable Of Extending Life For A Decade
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Harvard researchers analyzed how different aspects of a healthy lifestyle affect the expected lifespan (Life Excpeccy). The most effective measures were healthy nutrition, regular physical activity, unfortunate smoking, as well as body weight control and alcohol consumed. Work is published in the Circulation Journal.

Scientists analyzed the data of two long-term research: Nurses’ Health Study and Health Professionals Follow-Up Study. 123 219 medical workers took part in them, they regularly passed the inspections of specialists for three decades. During this time, 42,167 research participants died – the authors of the new work studied the connection between their habits and lifespan.

Based on previous studies, scientists have identified five major lifestyle factors contributing to longevity. This list includes healthy nutrition, the disclaimer of smoking, not less than half an hour of physical activity per day and restriction of alcohol consumption: Men "Long-livers" drank no more than 30 grams of ethyl alcohol per day, women – not more than 15. Also in people living long, body mass index is less likely to go beyond the boundaries of the norm.

For those who did not comply with any of the rules, the life expectancy was an average of 76 years (in men) and 79 years old (in women). Those who adhered all five principles, this period was 87 and 93 years old, respectively. According to scientists, supporters of a healthy lifestyle by 82% less often died from cardiovascular diseases and 65% less often – from cancer.

The life expectancy of Americans rose 16 years since the beginning of the 1940s. Researchers note that people could live even longer if it were not for the spread of obesity, therefore the basic principles of the head were directed including the body’s mass control. According to scientists, all five rules are observed only by 8% of US citizens.

Previously, researchers denied the stereotype about the benefits of small doses of alcohol.

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