Scientists: Stomachs Of Seabirds Are Clogged With Plastic


According to a new study, 90% of the seabirds in one form or another use plastics. Scientists predict that by 2050 the number of birds whose stomachs are clogged with plastic, increase to 99%.Scientists: Stomachs Of Seabirds Are Clogged With Plastic
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According to scientists from the National Center for Environmental Analysis and the Synthesis of the University of California in Santa Barbara (USA), soon there will be no marine birds in the world who did not try to plastic, the EUREKALERT portal writes.

Over 4.8 million tons of plastic waste falls into the oceans annually. Corks from bottles, plastic fibers from synthetic clothes are washed into the ocean from urban rivers and garbage dumps. In the northern part of the Pacific Ocean there is a giant whirlpool, where the ocean flows bring everything that was collected in their path. Plastic does not sink and travels over the ocean hundreds of years.

Birds Confuse Bright Parts With Food Products or Swallow Them. This Leads to Weight Loss and Even to the Death of Feathered. According To The Study, Today 90% of Seabirds – Albatrosov, Petrels, Penguins – USED Plastics.

SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE 1960S, WHEN PLASTIC WAS FOUND IN THE STOMACHS LESS THAN THAN OF BIRDS, BY 2010 THE NUMBER OF BIRDS, GREW BY PLASTIC, INCRASED TO 80%. According to Scientists forecasts, by 2050 Their Number Will Reach 99%. ACCORDING TO GREATEST IMPACT IN THE SOUTHERN OCEAN – Near The Shores Of Australia, South Africa and South America.

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