“Selena”: In Russia Will Develop A New Spacecraft


In Russia, began to develop a new spacecraft who want to enter in the realities of the modern market.“Selena”: In Russia Will Develop A New Spacecraft
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Siele Space Yacht – This name was the promising Russian spacecraft, which is now developing NGOs "Aviation and Space Technologies". Works in the project began a few years ago, but only now the company’s general designer, Alexander Begak, announced this RIA Novosti in the Russian Investment Forum.

In the center of the Concept – Space Tourism. However, the possibilities of the complex can afford to use it in various directions. It is noteworthy that, according to the idea, the Slena Space Yacht will be able to take off from the airfield as an ordinary aircraft. THE SHIP WILL GO OUT INTO THE SPACE SPACE AT A SPEED OF UP TO TO 3.5 Mach and Will BE Able to Reach A Height of 120-140 Kilometers. During The Descent and Entry Into The Speed ​​of "Selena" Will Be 0.85 MAK. Landing The Spacecraft CAN BE LIKE A Conventional Plane. IT CAN BE Planted Almost on Any Airfield.

Just On Board Will Be Able to Accommodate Six Passengers. Also Equip The Place for The Pilot, But It Will Be Present Only for "Calm" Tourists: The Device Wants To Do Automatic. According to the Plans, "Aviation and Space Technologies" Will Create Three Space Yachts. The Timing Of Their Construction Ria Novosti is not voiced.

HOWEVER, THE ESTIMATED FLIGHT Price Is Known – From 200 to 300 Thousand Dollars. In this Sense, The Project Differs Little From Similar Tourist Concepts Presented Earlier.

Today, The Company’s SpecialistS Expect The Optimal Stay in Space, As Well As Flight Trajectory. From the statement of Alexander Begakka, It Can Be Concluded That The Total Time of Finding Tourists in Weightlessness Can Exceed 10 Minutes.

The first Commercial Cosmonauts in the History of the Japanese Tyokhiro Akiyama and Briton Helen Shaman: They Flew to the Soviet Orbit Station "Peace" in 1990 and 1991. For Flights Used Space SHIPS OF THE SOYUZ SERIES. Missions Were Funded by Private Non-State Television Companies Tbs and "Juno". The BEGINNING OF THE SAME SPACE TOURISMM IS THE THE FLIGHT OF AMERICAN BUSINESSMAN DENNIS TITO ON Board The Russian Soyuz Ship in 2001.

With the Russian Concept, The Project Of The Company Virgin Galactic Is Echoed, Which Also Intends to Use a Cosmologist.

Earlier, We Will Remind, It Became Known That Blue Origin Plans to Send A Person to Space by The End of 2019.

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