Starship Prototype Blurred By The Wind


On the morning of January 23, the top of the prototype of the spacecraft StarShip blown up with hurricane wind. Repair may take several weeks.Starship Prototype Blurred By The Wind
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On Wednesday, the top compartment of the prototype of the Giant Rocket StarShip from Spacex Bill is shot down by strong wind gusts.

"I just found out," the founder of the company Ilon Mask wrote on Twitter, thereby confirming the rumors that the prototype of the most ambitious spacecraft is no longer in a vertical position.

"Last night, the wind at a speed of 50 miles per hour has broken mooring blocks, demolished the head fairing. Repair will take several weeks, "Mask added.

In a conversation with Business Insider, another spacex representative confirmed that the upper part of the apparatus – the head fairing – fell due to severe wind. From further comments, he refused.

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According to the local resident, almost all Tuesday the wind blew at a speed of 50 miles per hour, the situation continued on Wednesday.

"About two to five, only thunder of metal and sound of broken trees was heard. It was a feeling that it was a hurricane, "he told. – Everything that Spacex did to prepare for this hurricane, played against them. It seems that they burned out from the wind, which blowed from the south-east, but during the night he changed the direction and the blowing was already from the northeast – and this thing just flew out. ".

An eyewitness also said that later the head fairing moved to a big hangar, where workers, apparently, try to eliminate damage.

"The wind was so powerful that it seemed as if a commodity train was carried," says a local resident. – It was not clear when the fairing fell, because the wind was too loud ".

The damage gained most likely will affect the deadlines of the first test flight StarShip. Earlier this month, Mask reported on Twitter that the test flight would spend for four weeks, which means that the prototype could well be climbed into the air in early February.

This prototype is an important experimental apparatus, successful or unsuccessful tests of which will help to understand at what stage is the development of a full-scale prototype STARSHIP, capable of entering orbit.

Starship – spacecraft about 18 floors in height, which, in theory, will once be taken up to 100 people and 150 tons of cargo on Mars.

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