Surgeons For The First Time Used “Soft Robots” In Working With The Human Body


The team of surgeons and engineers from the Royal College of London announced the first use of the so-called "soft robots" during a minimally invasive operation on the human body. True, while we are not talking about a living patient, but about the corpse.Surgeons For The First Time Used “Soft Robots” In Working With The Human Body
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Today, surgeons are often used during the operations of "hard robots". These are mechanisms with a specific directory that can not always work with the necessary patient authorities. According to Xinhua, with reference to the Press Release of the Royal College of London (CCL), created by "Soft Robots" (Soft Robots) will allow you to work with previously unavailable to interference with the areas of the Human Body.

The "soft robot" is made of a two-layer material based on silicone. Each segment is equipped with three air chambers, due to which the robot is stretched and bend in any direction. According to developers, the robot "moves like the octopus tentacle", while its "limbs" is equipped with surgical instruments. Thus, during the microsurgical operation, the robot can move within the most sensitive human organs, without damaging them.

While college specialists checked "soft robots" -assystems on surgical mannequins and human corpses.

According to Professor Robotics and Intellectual Systems of Clapar Althofer, developers expect that after confirming the effectiveness in medicine, their robots will be able to use and in other areas – for example, in repairing underwater pipelines or search and rescue operations.

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