The “Borey” Submarine Can Reoperack With The Problematic “Bulava” On The Winged Rockets

According to the source, after 2027, the Russian Ministry of Defense may receive a nuclear submarine of the project 955 "Borey", carrying non-ballistic missiles, and the winged.

Starting Rocket "Bulaw" with a project plan 941 / © MILITARYRUSSIA

Creation on the basis of the strategic submarine of the carrier of the winged missiles – not Russian know-how. The American fleet in its composition four strategic submarines of the OHIO class, which were redesigned to the plandle: each of these submarines can carry up to 154 Tomahawk winged missiles.

Last year, it became known that Russia, in addition to the 955 "Borey, already undergoing atomic submarines of the project, will launch another six submarines of the" Borea-A "modification.

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