The Germans Accused Facebook In Violating Human Rights


German regulators stated that Facebook policies that requires these names in profiles, violates German laws on privacy. Now the Germans demand to allow them to use fictional names in the social network.The Germans Accused Facebook In Violating Human Rights
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According to The Verge, on Tuesday, the Hamburg authorities decided that the policy of names in the social network Facebook violates the German laws on privacy. At the same time, they added that the company cannot force users to provide an identity card with a photo or change the names of the participants of the social network in the profile without their consent.

Note that the policy of "real names" Facebook has already criticized. Users complained that their accounts were blocked, and the names were changed without their knowledge. So, in Hamburg, a woman who tried to use Facebook under the pseudonym, filed a complaint after the company blocked her account and asked a copy of her ID by changing her name without permission. Facebook is economic activities in Germany, in particular in Hamburg. If you play our games, you must play according to our rules, "- quotes the publication of the authorized data protection and freedom of Information of Johannes Caspar.

Owners of the Social School after the Hamburg decision stated that by following their policies, they increase safety and transparency. "Using authentic Facebook names protects the confidentiality and safety of people. Users know who they are divided by information on the network, "the company said.

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